Jeepers Creepers 2 review

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[Jeepers Creepers 2]
Plot:23 days after the incident which involved Darry and Trish, and where Darry was abducted and never seen again, the Creeper is back, this time he has his eyes set on a busload of students as his next meal.

Cast: Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck, Garikayi Mutambirwa, Eric Nenninger, Nicki Lynn Aycox, Marieh Delfino, Diane Delano, Thom Gossom Jr., Billy Aaron Brown, Lena Cardwell, Al Santos, Travis Schiffner, Kasan Butcher, Josh Hammond, Tom Tarantini.

My thoughts:I was amped when I first heard there'd be a sequel to "Jeepers Creepers". However, I was very disappointed when I heard Gina Phillips character Trish wouldn't be returning. Despite that, the trailer looked great, and I was once again amped to see this movie. Little did I know, this would be the biggest waste of money ever.

My review:The film starts off very cool. A farmers son is abducted by the Creeper, leaving the man (Taggart) with a thirst for revenge. Meanwhile, theres a busload of students returning from a championship basketball game, the bus however gets a flat tire, and a weird ninja star looking object is found stuck in the tire. The bus driver radios for help, but nightfall is approaching, and thats when things go south and never stop. Early on, I liked this movie, the abduction scene was chilling, and well done, but it sucked they cut out the scene which was in the television previews, with the creeper zipping through the cornfield and then stopping to hurl a projectile at the school bus causing the tire to blow out. Rather, this scene is just done by showing the school bus wheel, and the sound effect of the tire bursting. The kids decide to get off the bus, a few of them, while the bus driver radios for help. However, they are out in the middle of nowhere, so help ain't coming anytime soon. Night finally comes, and when the creeper abducts the team coaches, and the bus driver, the kids realize something is seriously wrong, and barricade themselves inside the school bus, as the creeper lurks outside, deciding which one he wants to eat. This film took a turn downhill and kept going, in fact it picked up speed. First off, on my list of things that just totally sucked about this movie, the creeper abducts the adults first by simply zipping down really quick, grabbing them, and then flying away in the blink of an eye. It's quite lame really, especially since it goes against the creepers M.O. In the original, he needed body parts, and harvested the ones of teens, why take 2 coaches, and a bus driver, who are 35+ years old? Also we never find out where he took them or their ultimate fates. Eventually the kids in the bus after a few attacks by the creeper begin to turn on each other, and one kid tries to divide everyone based on race, and sexual preference. I found this very amusing because it was so stupid. In a situation where a winged monstrosity is lurking outside, the best thing to do would be to start deciding who were gonna sacrifice and causing anger, and panic amongst everyone on the bus, making it more difficult for anyone to think of a plan or course of action. After the creeper is wounded after being stabbed with a pole, he disappears for awhile but returns. Meanwhile, Minxie (Nicki Aycox) starts to get visions of Darry from the original film. He warns her in the visions about the creeper. This is like most things in this movie, used to just fill time. This premonition scene only tells us what we already know, every 23 days, blah blah blah. and It's never explained how she can even have these visions. Meanwhile the farmer Taggart has one of the creepers daggers, which flies from his hand and smashes into a lamp. This dagger has weird markings on it, and it also gives Taggart an idea of a weapon he can build to hunt down the creeper. Once more, the magic flying dagger, with the weird greek like markings, is never explained. The number of kids eventually dwindles to 13 and they all decide to make a run for it. 2 Kids are killed by the creepers throwing projectiles, and one kid is nailed to a tree. Ironically enough, the kid who tried to divide and conquer is killed during this scene, whats even more funny, is that 8 kids run in one direction, and another 6 run in the opposite direction, however, the 8 are never heard from or seen again, and come the end of the film, it's like the other characters have totally forgotten they even existed. Taggart uses his newly built harpoon on the creeper to no avail, the film climaxes with a chase scene in which Taggarts truck overturns tossing one kid out and the creeper out with him. The creeper with only one leg still pursues this kid, and the chase comes to a pretty lame climax, as time literally runs out on the creeper (when you watch the film youll see what I mean). The ending of the film is quite chilling but doesn't make up for the terrible hour and twenty so minutes that came before it.

Pros:Hard to find any, but the first 10 minutes were great. Also some nice country settings. Good ending.

Cons:The odd scenes with guys sunbathing together, and taking a leak together. Not even gonna touch that subject. The countless unexplained occurances in the film.

(The flying dagger-How can it fly? What do the markings on it symbolize or mean?)

(The 8 kids-They literally run off the film, what happened to them? What were their fates?)

(The premonitions-How could Minxie have these premonitions about Darry? Does she have a sort of sixth sense ability of some sort?)

(The fate of Taggarts son, the coaches, and the bus driver.)

(The films writing was just as bad as it gets, plotholes galore, and the dialogue was pretty bad as well. It was also too short.)

(Once again, we leave the theatre with nothing further explained about the creeper.)

Overall:A waste of time and money. This is a sequel where the ball was truly dropped. It's an obvious cash in sequel, and not even a good one in that respect. Boring, tedious, and undeserved of an R rating, "Jeepers Creepers 2" fails in every aspect of being an even remotely decent horror movie. If it's on cable, and you're looking for an hour and a half to waste away, check it out, but it's surely not something one adds to the DVD collection. "House of the dead" wasn't near a work of art, but it never took itself seriously, hence why it worked on the level it did. "JC2" takes itself seriously, but lacks the material to make the audience take it seriously. Thus why it falls flat.

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