It Waits Review

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[It Waits]
Plot:A horrifying tale of a Native American legend come to life. A creature trapped in the bowels of hell has been awoken and unleashed on the world. It prowls the wilderness, hunting a young, willful ranger named Danielle. Danielle is experiencing her own personal turmoil, having recently been responsible for the death of her best friend. Things go from bad to worse as Danielle realizes that she is not alone in the wilderness. There is a creature slowly stalking and hunting her. The creature claims the lives of the few people that may have been able to help Danielle, and all hope seems lost. She waits as the creature comes for here and desperately struggles for her life, but will her struggle be enough to ensure her survival?

Cast: Cerina Vincent, Dominic Zamprogna, Greg Kean, Eric Schweig, Samaya Jardey, Miranda Frigon, Tinsel Korey, Fred Henderson, Chilton Crane, Saginaw Grant, Austin Jordon.

My Thoughts:Nothing new here.

Review:"It Waits" is another in a long line of B monster movies which follow the same motions and contain the same exact premise. Humans in the woods, weird, bloodthirsty creature in the woods with them, weird bloodthirsty creature disposes of humans one by one, someone ends up being the last man or woman left standing. While "It Waits" tries to be different in some ways, it really just ends up the same as alot of films that came before it, and even becomes quite ridiculous at times. The film starts off with a group of explorers in the woods, who blow open a cave using explosives so they can explore what's inside. This turns out to be a big mistake for them, but a blessing for our monster friend who is now free to wreak havoc and slaughter some people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cerina Vincent stars in the film as a forest ranger named Danny (girls name?) St. Claire, who is coping with some sort of tragedy that as the film goes on, is later explained in detail. Once her boyfriend drives up to visit her, it isn't long before "It" makes it's presence felt, attacking ranger St. Claires watchtower. But that attack is about as good as the early part of this film gets. Other than a wise-cracking parrot, the majority of "It Waits" is pretty much a snoozer, playing out as a romantic drama with barely any blood, gore, and a pretty low body count. Seriously, only about 4 people die in this movie, and 2 of those deaths come in cut away scenes. That doesn't bode well for a monster movie, especially one with such an ominous title as this one. Director Steven R. Monroe tries to make things interesting by having his monster leave a few calling cards in the form of dead bodies, and body parts strolled about various parts of Danny's watchtower..but when nothing is explained about the creature until a native american legend expert pops up near the end, it makes it hard to take anything this monster does seriously. The creature itself seems to have more of a method to it's madness than your usual drooling, savage beast, but this is something that should've been explained way before act 3, along with the creatures native american legend backstory. Cerina Vincent does an excellent job as Danny St. Claire but despite doing her best with what's been given to her as far as dialogue and everything else, even she can't save most of this movie. "It Waits" does shine through in it's final act though...despite stealing alot from "Jeepers Creepers" with the revelation of the monsters full form. Cerina Vincent really steps up her acting game when help finally arrives and she leaves her watchtower, only to have the creature following in hot pursuit, leading to a life or death woman vs beast showdown for survival. She's really the only good thing about this movie, which pretty much wastes a golden opportunity with such a complex and gross looking monster. "It Waits" is a blueprint on how NOT to make a monster movie. I don't know if it was the budget, or just bad storytelling by Richard Christian Matheson and Thomas E. Szollossi who penned the script for the film. But in a genre where the monsters usually look like crap, and the acting is even worse, the worst possible thing a filmmaker can do is waste a talented actress and a good monster all because he wanted to concentrate more on the love story and emotional aspects of the story and his characters. "It Waits" keeps the viewer "waiting" too long for anything really good to happen, and that's a shame because the way this particular B horror movie was set really had a chance.

Pros:Cerina Vincent gave the best performance possible, good looking monster, very intense final act, and Hoppy the Parrot was really funny.

Cons:Most of what comes before the final act is a huge waste, bad dialogue by almost everyone except Cerina Vincent's character. Low body count, lack of blood and gore

Overall:Worth a rental but don't get your hopes up.

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