I'll always know what you did last summer Review

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[I'll always know what you did last summer]
Plot:A group of teenagers in Colorado find themselves being stalked and killed one-by-one by a mysterious figure with a hook, exactly one year after they covered up a friends' accidental death.

Cast: Brooke Nevin, David Paetkau, Torrey DeVitto, Ben Easter, Seth Packard, K.C. Clyde, Clay Taylor, Michael Flynn, Britt Leary, Star LaPoint, Junior Richard, Levy Whitlock, Chad Chiniquey, Manny Slack, James Jamison.

My Thoughts:What the hell did I just witness???

Review:Oh I remember now, I just witnessed the death of the "I know" series. Honestly, after a film as awful as "I'll always know what you did Last Summer"...this series has to be dead. "I'll always know" follows the first two films in the series, "I know", and "I still know". Only this film has decided to do many things different. One, it's abolished Julie, Ray, and Carla. The only three survivors of Ben Willis's bloody rampage through Tower Bay Island in the first sequel. Two, it's totally abolished Ben Willis himself. Instead, the fisherman in this film is a local legend, an urban legend if you will. It's rumored that on every July 4th he comes back from the dead to seek out a new group of kiddies to hack and slash with his ferocious silver hook. This is what the main characters of the story discuss at the beginning of the movie. The jist of "I'll always know" is hoping that such a ridiculous premise isn't going to end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy at the end and the killer will turn out to have some connection to the past two movies. The key word being "Hoping". So how does this particular group of dumb teens get themselves on the badside of our hook-handed friend?? Avoiding the clever and really well put together accident that started it all in "I know what you did last summer"..."I'll always know" decides to shoot for the gutter instead. When a *fisherman impersonator* stunt goes wrong, one of their friends winds up dead when he skateboards off a rooftop and misses the matresses below and ends up impaled onto a pipe. The kids not wanting to wind up in Juvie for putting together the whole charade which led to his death, decide to form that infamous *pact*..we'll take this to the grave yada yada, this secret dies with us yada yada. One of the kids even goes as far as to cut himself with the hook as to not arouse any suspicion. The problem with this movie is it really doesn't play out like any of the previous films. It becomes one huge episode of "Dawsons Creek" complete with teen angst and relationship problems (yawn) before one of the girls in the group receives that dreaded *I know* message on her cellphone. That's when the film falls totally in line with the original. However the original had alot of things going for it. It was the first film, the acting was far better, and the characters actually had personality. These kids are high school carbon copies with bad attitudes who no one could really learn or even force themselves to like. The way these characters are written, one cannot even feel a shred of concern for the poor brunette who just wants to avoid the fisherman long enough so she can ditch her small loser ass Colorado town and get onto "American Idol". "I'll always know" tries to pattern itself after the original, by having some of the killing take place in sceneries similar to those in the original. There's even a scene where the American Idol wannabe girl invites her friends to watch her perform at her first concert which mirrors the Barry and Helen scene at the croaker queen pageant in the original "I know what you did last summer". And just like at the end of the croaker queen scene in "IKWYDLS" when Barry was killed, someone winds up dead at the end of this chicks concert as well. If anything, this constant copying scheme only serves to hurt the film, and really makes it obvious how uncreative writer Michael D. Weiss was in his scripting of this movie. You would think with all of these issues the film has it would atleast try to make the kills top notch but it even fails in that regard. The kills are bloody but not anything we haven't seen before. I mean atleast in "I still know" Ben deviated from his hook a few times to use a pair of hedgeclippers, an axe, and a spear of some sort. But this particular fisherman sticks to his hook and repeats the same methods over and over again. But then again why should he really get creative when these kids don't even seem to know what the hell they're doing? After two of their friends have died, instead of doing any investigating or figuring out a way to avoid death, these kids are hitting concerts and spending time alone in dark enclosed areas. Might as well stick a sign on your back that reads "Hey come and get me Mr. fisherman I'm ripe for the killin'!". Just when you think the pic can't get more absurd, the revelation about the fisherman just tosses a whole new set of questions into the films final 15 minutes that it just has no time to answer. But that doesn't stop it from ending on a predictable and cliche note which suggests maybe something like "I'll Never Forget What you did Last Summer" (I hope not). "I'll always know what you did last summer" should be the final nail in this series coffin. It really is that bad. It's funny too because when "I still know" didn't make the gazillion dollars the studio expected it to make, they thought this series was beyond repair and dumped it onto the direct to dvd market. No no my friends, this series wasn't beyond repair, it still had legs after "I Still Know" which did much better than most people might think. If anything has pushed this series beyond repair, it's this extremely poor excuse for a third movie. There really is no saving it now.

Pros:Some flashy camera effects which added a little something extra to a few of the chase scenes.

Cons:Terrible acting, bad script, lazy deaths, and the dumbest twist ever involving the fisherman.

Overall:Avoid at all costs unless you're a die hard fan of this series and just want to know how badly they've screwed it up at this point.

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