How'd they make it so far? Weird ideas in horror movies

Horror movies are like kids in a way. Most are normal, but then there are a few that are just off the wall and insane. Er go, it's only natural that the genre would have a few wacky ideas here and there. So in this article, we will explore those insane, utterly hilarious, and downright head scratching genre films. Films born from the most unexpected and out of left field concepts imaginable. Where else could we start, but with the 1992 horror movie "Leprechaun". This isn't the first movie of it's kind, by that I mean little people running amok on the lives of innocent people. We've had "Troll", "Dolly Dearest", and the infamous "Childs Play". However, this is the first ever movie where a mythical creature which represents good luck, and through pop culture, is shown in a kind spirited light, has been tuirned into a bloodthirsty,maniacal on screen villain. Then theres the fact that it's a leprechaun. One of the wee irish people, who no one would suspect of possibly harming anyone on purpose. Another thing about the film which was the total opposite of the pop culture view of a leprechaun, was that this particular leprechaun had rotted teeth, and sharp claws. Not to mention that he was as greedy as can be. I think it's safe to say, had this leprechaun been in any Lucky Charms commercials, things might have turned out a bit differently for those pesky kids. Warwick Davises spot in horror movie history is forever rooted based solely on this movie. "Leprechaun" is the figurehead for out of left field ideas, that made for quite an entertaining film, atleast IMO. The idea that a leprechaun would be the Freddy or Michael Myers type character in a horror movie never crossed anyones mind I'm sure in the early 70s or early 80s. It just goes to show how the genre has evolved. Amidst all of this though, is the downside. Which is that the first film spawned 5 sequels. Taking the character from the suburbs, to Vegas, to Space, and then to the 'Hood', twice. While the first film showed a nice flash of creativity, this goes to show how an odd idea can be taken way too far. The series should've ended at 2, and a character like this should never be taken into space. Warwick Davises character has now become the on screen/horror genre version of "Wheres Waldo?". Lets just hope they don't get any ideas of taking the leprechaun to Antartica of the Carribbean anytime soon. Another film from the files of the strange and odd was a DTV film called "Pinnocchios Revenge". With a title like this, one has to ask the question, revenge for what? The film itself played out in typical killer marrionette fashion, but did show some signs of creativity and intrigue by throwing the viewer for one hell of a loop at the end. Sadly though, this film still doesn't make the grade. Granted the idea was certainly weird, odd, and unique. But the film itself was lacking in many areas. Basically this film was doomed from the start. I'm sure they had ideas of taking it to theatres, but when a film about Pinnocchio slaughtering people gets made, how much red tape would possibly prevent it from ever hitting theaters? A whole damn lot most likely. Another film along these lines, and that stole from "Leprechaun" a bit, was "Rumplestiltskin". This film involved an evil old troll like creature challenging a single mother for her child. Like "Pinnocchios Revenge", it barely saw the light of day, went DTV, and didn't make any noise at all. The fact that it wasn't scary also was a problem. A slew of other films have come out along the same lines, and seemingly trying to out do each other. We've had "Killer Tongue", about a woman whos tongue gets taken over by aliens, "Killer Condom" (don't ask), and "Killer Eye". and Just when you thought things couldn't get any more insane, a film in the mid 90s was released called "Jack Frost". The Jack Frost everyone sings about, has never been seen before, so the idea of making a Jack Frost horror movie was kind of puzzling. So they decided to do the only rational thing, turn Jack Frost, into a killer snowman! and Then to top it all off, have him say witty one liners which relate to the winter season whenever he kills someone, shoot ice cicles out of his hands, and be able to melt himself at will. The DTV film developed a tiny cult following surprisingly. People actually liked it despite it's cheesey, absurd, and totally unrealistic villain. I even have to admit I found this movie entertaining. It had gruesome kills which are always a plus, and it also made horror movie history for having the first ever carrot-rape scene. The film was then followed up by a sequel, which you could tell even more than you could in part 1, that it was made on a shoestring budget. The sequel added more comedy, but took the word unrealistic to frightening new heights. People being stabbed with salad tongues, crushed by snow anvils, and eaten alive by killer baby snowballs are just a few of the outlandish killings the film included. and Of course to top their infamous carrot rape scene in part 1, our killer snowman friend actually sheds a frozen tear in one scene. With all of these left field horrors that have been released, the question remains, how much more crazy can filmmakers get? Well, on the way soon, theres a film entitled "Zombeak", about a chicken whjch gets posessed by satans essence, and goes on a killing spree. I think that should answer your question. Maybe they'll toss in a cheesy tagline like "Fowl Play is amidst" or "You've fried your last chicken", or "Bawk Bawk is the last thing you'll ever hear", or maybe even "'s whats for dinner". and To answer the big money question, "How'd ideas like this make it so far"? To spawn sequels, or keep being produced? Well, I guess as long as theres an audience out there for the extremely weird, off the wall, odd, and more than usually abnormal horror movie, there'll always be people and filmmakers around to keep cranking em out.

Article by MrHoRrOr

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