Hollowman 2 Review

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[Hollowman 2]
Plot:A Seattle detective and a biologist are on the run from a dangerous invisible assassin gone rogue

Cast: Christian Slater, Laura Regan, William McDonald, Mike Dopud, Peter Facinelli, Nolan Funk, Dean Paul Gibson, Stefano Giulianetti, Jessica Harmon, Chelah Horsdal, Alana Husband, Joshua Kalef, Colin Lawrence, Zara Taylor.

My Thoughts:Let's all hope this is the last movie.

Review:I'm sure it never occured to anyone that Sony would go ahead and do a sequel to "Hollowman" with Kevin Bacon. It was much to even my surprise when I heard this film was actually getting a sequel. Unfortunately, what made "Hollowman" a decent SCI-FI/Horror/Thriller which was Kevin Bacon's brilliant performance as the demented Sebastian Kane, isn't present in "Hollowman 2". Bacon is out, and thus because of that, this film was doomed from the start. In this second installment, we're stuck with Christian Slater as the demented, murderous invisible man. Slater gives a decent performance but he really comes off as trying too hard to be evil, and his performance is missing the effortless attitude of Kevin Bacon in the original. Bacon even without trying, was twice as much of an evil and scary SOB than Slater was when he was giving it his all in this film. Slater stars as Michael Griffin, the second person to volunteer for the experimental invsibility program. You've gotta wonder what they promised Griffin to get him to sign up for the program after what happened to Sebastian. Perhaps a lifetime supply of krispy creame donuts? However, it isn't long before the experiment takes it's toll on Michael's genetic makeup and his body starts giving out on him. So now he needs to find Dr. Maggie Dalton (Laura Regan), so she can make him all better again. After Griffin wastes one guy at a dinner party, for not telling him what he wanted to know, detective Frank Turner (Peter Facinelli) is called in to protect Maggie in case Griffin comes for her next. But here's where things get interesting, or atleast where writer Joel Soisson tries to make things interesting. There's a grandeouse government conspiracy surrounding all of this, and some top guys and crooked politicians don't want Dalton to connect verbally with Turner or the whole program is ruined, and of course that means the suits in high positions will face some serious indictments. So they use Maggie as bait to lure in Griffin so they can capture him and keep the program underwraps. Unfortunately in the middle of all this, some shit goes wrong (naturally), Turners partner is killed, and he and Maggie are forced to go on the run with Griffin in hot pursuit. You would think "Hollowman 2" would take off at this point but it seems Soisson fell asleep at the switch because the film just gets boring and repetitive from this point on, and predictable. Slater's character of course by this time is already as nutty as a fruitcake due to the side effects of the serum, plus finding out that his government lied to him hasn't exactly improved his attitude, so as expected he goes around chasing Turner and Maggie and finally gives up and decides to start killing more top army brass to get the answers he wants. Now who couldn't have seen that coming? The truth is "Hollowman 2" offers very little in the realm of surprises, and really the only bright spot of the film is a scene where Slater has one of the big cheeses cornered in his office, and after the guy stabs Slater with a pen he angrily mutters "A pen?? You stabbed me with a goddamn pen?!". For some reason the way Slater reacts in this scene garnered a huge laugh out of me. I don't know whether it was the bad acting, or the fact that a pissed off Christian Slater is funny to me. Either way, it made me laugh out loud. Facinelli does his best as detective Frank Turner to keep the film which by the middle of act two is already on life support, alive. But really I was just wishing he'd hurry up and pull the plug so I could move on with my life. Laura Regan seemed lost in this film, even though she isn't bad to look at. Her character is there to fill in the blanks and explain what's happening to Griffin and why. Unfortunately she doesn't really seem to care about doing so and instead one would think she's enjoying the adrenaline rush of evading authorities and having an invisble psycho chasing her around town. By the time she finally works her way up to spilling the beans, everyone's already dead and Griffin has snatched her sister as part of an exchange for the cure to what ails him. But by this time, the film is already DOA and we just want it all to end. Even the invisible man vs. invisible man battle royale to end the movie failed to get any real reaction out of me. There were alot of people who hated "Hollowman" for some reason, and to those people I say see "Hollowman 2"...now! After it's all over you'll find yourself having gained a totally new respect for the original. Because atleast it tried, and atleast it had a solid lead actor in Kevin Bacon.

Pros:The FX in creating the invisible man were pretty good looking. Facinelli did a pretty good job as detective Turner.

Cons:Laura Regan and Christian Slater's performances. Bad dialogue, recycled plot, and a serious lack of action. Even the mass amount of blood in the first kill of the film, is never present in any scenes that follow.

Overall:One of those sequels to avoid at all costs.

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