Hellraiser:Hellworld Review

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Plot:Pinhead returns to terrorize computer hackers that have opened a virtual Lament Configuration on the website Hellworld.com.

Cast: Doug Bradley, Katheryn Winnick, Henry Cavill, Lance Henriksen, Christopher Jacot, Victor McGuire, Khary Payton, Michael Regan, Dave Robinson, Anna Tolputt.

My Thoughts:A HELL (no pun intended) of alot better than "Deader"

Review:"Hellraiser:Hellworld" is the second "Hellraiser" film to be released this year after "Hellraiser:Deader" which hit stores in July.That film was an extremely disappointing effort."Hellworld" however managed to clean up the mess that "deader" left.In "Hellworld",a group of teens become addicted to a game known as "Hellworld" which is based off of Pinhead,his cenobite clan,and the infamous lament configuration or "The Box", as it's called in the series.One of their friends winds up getting too addicted to the game and kills himself.A few years later the kids are still hooked on the game all except for one,the then girlfriend of the dude who offed himself.Shes pretty much had her fill of the whole "Hellworld" gamer subculture.But when the group gets invited to a mysterious "Hellworlders only" party at a huge mansion,she decides to tag along anyways."Hellworld" pretty much includes everything that "Deader" didn't include.Alot of cenobite action,great atmosphere,awesome kills,interesting characters,and a unique A plot with a sinister B subplot hiding underneath.Whats to like most about this movie is that it grabs you right at the beginning and keeps things interesting throughout,which is hard for alot of the recent films in the "Hellraiser" series to do.A nice new spin was also put on the series mythology with an online gaming subculture being created as a spinoff from the lament configuration and the cenobites.This keeps things interesting seeing as how it's not another installment where some dimwitted but good looking chick is running around for an hour and 30 minutes trying to undo the huge fuck up she made by opening the box.Similar to "Hellseeker" "Hellworld" also contains some really trippy scenes which is always a must have in the "Hellraiser" movies.Basically once these kids arrive at the party and meet the mysterious and eccentric mansion owner (Lance Hendrickson),they are taken on a trip through hell...literally.While one thinks shes seeing the ghost of her dead boyfriend,some of the others experience their worst fears come to life.The gross out factor in the film is also pretty high with scenes of dead fetuses in jars and alot of bloodshed when Pinhead and his clan (chatterer and bound) show up to crash the party.The film survives without the cenobites showing up at every turn by using interesting visuals,a little bit of mystery,and some decent character interaction to keep the viewer interested.Most of the character interaction traces back to the death of their friend Adam which causes a rift between some members of the group.Er go watching the whole drama unfold set to the seemingly evil intentions of the mansion owner and the lurking dangers in every room of the mansion (including a cool death scene which looks like something out of "Saw" when one unlucky girl makes the mistake of sitting in the wrong chair), makes for quite a fun watch.But when the cenobites do show up they all actually get their hands dirty,rather than Pinhead reciting poetry for a minute or two before he offs a guy and roll credits."Hellraiser:Hellworld" starts going down a very familiar path in the early going before giving the viewer an idea of whats going on which turns out to be the exact opposite when the film nears the end.Thus making it a very worthy installment into the series which has now reached 8 films.

Pros:Great atmosphere,nice kills,a few interesting characters,trippy visuals,and a pretty decent story.

Cons:Per usual with these types of horror films,alot of the characters make the same stupid mistakes i.e. exploring rooms and places they know they shouldn't.

Overall:Heads and shoulders above "Hellraiser:Deader" (part 7) and in some ways a bit better than "Hellraiser:Hellseeker" (part 6).Definitely worth a rent,and I wouldn't advise you against buying it.

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