Forest of the Damned/Demonic Review

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[Forest of the Damned/Demonic]
Plot:There is a myth that in the heart of Miranda Forest there dwell beautiful nymph creatures that were once angels.

Cast: Nicole Petty, Tom Savini, Shaun Hutson, Dan van Husen, Daniel Maclagan, Richard Cambridge, Steve Hart, Sophie Holland, Frances Da Costas, David Hood.

My thoughts:How did Tom Savini let himself get talked into this one?

Review:"Forest of the Damned" follows a group of kids who while on a road trip, break down nearby a creepy forest. But this forest holds much more than meets the eye. She-demon/succubus like creatures that used to be angels, but because of their penchant for lust and desire, were banished from heaven...roam these woods looking for new victims to feed on. Sounds pretty creepy right? Unfortunately the written premise is about as scary as it get's when it comes to "Forest of the Damned". First off we're introduced to some of the most one dimensional characters I've ever seen in a horror film. It's obvious from the start that these characters are just meat for the clawed and fanged she-demons roaming about the woods, and we're not supposed to care about them in the least. Which is pretty easy considering they're a very annoying and cliche bunch. We have the sex crazed guys, the quote unquote *bitch* who despise the sex crazed guys, and the serious girl who thinks all of her friends are total morons. To make matters worse...when confronted with danger later on in the film, they also make the usual stupid character decisions which lead to ultimate death at the hands of the films villains. Speaking of the villains of the movie, it's amazing to me how they boast such an intriguing backstory, yet when you see them on screen and in action you'd sware they're just mutated vampire freaks that escaped the lab of a mad scientist somewhere. A little more creative, and more original overall look would've been nice. The films director Johannes Roberts fills his quota of tit shots by having the she-demons appear on screen fully nude in every single scene. However, since the movie sucks so badly, this comes off as more of a way to make the viewer forget about how bad of a movie "Forest of the Damned" is, rather than meeting a horror movie boob quota of some kind. Speaking of J. Roberts, this guy really has no clue how to properly direct a movie when it comes to camera angles and such. I don't know whether the movie had scenes cut or not but the flow of the film is interrupted with very rough cuts and very shaky camera work. In fact the camera work was so shaky I was expecting the Blairwitch to pop out at some point during the movie. When one is watching a movie this bad, but is aware that somewhere along the way, Tom Savini will make a cameo, you hope it can atleast give the film some sort of merit. The good news is, Tom Savini as a crazy hermit who's obsessed with the forest succubi, does a really good job in his role, and has basically all of the only good dialogue in the entire film. The good part about Savini's role in the movie is that while he doesn't get too many scenes, the scenes that he is in are spaced pretty far apart. So when one of the idiot kids we don't care about gets picked off by the she-demons, the viewer always has another Tom Savini scene to look forward to, and for the guys out there wondering about the killer girls in the pic, to make a long story short, they boast killer bodies, but faces that only a mother could love. "Forest of the Damned" is one of the worst movies I've seen so far this year. The films poor performances (Tom Savini being the exception), horrible camerawork, and spaghetti thin plot make it one huge recipe for disaster.

Pros:Tom Savini as Stephen the hermit guy, some decent amounts of blood and gore.

Cons:Bad camerawork, bad acting, mostly non-existent story, and lack of overall entertainment value.


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