Feast Review

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Plot:Patrons locked inside of a bar are forced to fight monsters.

Cast: Eric Dane, Navi Rawat, Krista Allen, Balthazar Getty, Diane Goldner, Judah Friedlander, Jenny Wade, Duane Whitaker, Josh Zuckerman, Eileen Ryan, Clu Gulager, Henry Rollins, Jason Mewes.

My Thoughts:Partially well done monster movie.

Review:Before "Feast" hit dvd on October 17th it had quite an ardious journey. It sat on the shelf for awhile, then landed a few release dates which were yanked. Then finally it hit theaters in limited capacity in late September before landing on dvd in mid October. So was this film worth the wait? A little no and a little yes. One positive aspect of "Feast" is that it doesn't spend too much time with dialogue or fodder scenes. It introduces us to a bar full of patrons, giving us a little insight into their backgrounds through these cool still screen montages. Pretty soon a man bursts into the bar with rantings of being chased by monsters. The man describes the monsters as fearsome beasts, with razor sharp teeth and claws and soon the mayhem begins as the bar patrons come under attack from the mysterious creatures. Normally movies with a setup like this are really good, as the fun part is guessing who's gonna die next at the hands of the monsters, but one of "Feast"'s biggest problems is that while it delivers in action alot of the scenes are so badly shot that you really can't clearly see much of what's happening on screen. Also the lighting isn't that great, so in those scenes where the monsters do show up, it's hard to get a great look at them. This hurts the film in those thrilling intense moments where another unlucky bar patron get's attacked and ripped apart by the creatures, because while the blood splattering everywhere is very visible...alot of what's happening to the character is extremely quick shotted and poorly lit. "Feast" does do a good job with it's monsters though. The monsters themselves are a mystery throughout the films entirety, and for once there's no typical cliche person among the group who has some sort of weird theory or background info on the creatures. Writers Patrick Melton and Jeremy Dunstan make sure to avoid falling into that cliche trap of the "monster expert" character in the movie, although there are two characters who have knowledge of the beasts, but only because of a previous encounter with them moments before their arrival at the bar. Another intriguing thing about the monsters are as opposed to being just a group of beasts out for a snack, they're a family. With two smaller monsters representing the children, and the larger ones representing the parents. They also disguise and dress themselves in animal carcasses so as not to reveal their true grotesque forms to their potential prey. Quite a clever coo indeed. While "Feast"'s monsters are a strong point of the movie, the human characters aren't. The main characters in the film are Heroine (Navi Rawat), Tuffy (Krista Allen), Bozo (Balthazar Getty), Beer Guy (Judah Friedlander), Boss Man (Duane Whitaker), Honey Pie (Jenny Wade), Coach (Henry Rollins), Grandma (Eileen Ryan), and Bartender (Clu Gulager). Oddly enough, it seems most of the guys didn't come to play at all in this movie, because the ladies totally out performed most of the male characters in the movie. Krista Allen does a fantastic job as Tuffy, and Jenny Wade is awesome as Honey Pie, especially because there's a scene in the movie where Jenny's character does something totally out of the blue and totally against the norm for a character in a horror film. Ryan does a pretty good job as Grandma, although her character in "Feast" is quite similar to her character Gladice from "Eight Legged Freaks". Navi Rawat as Heroine is pretty good as well even though alot of people who have seen the film have panned her performance as dry and uninspired. I thought she was really good in her role. The only likeable male character in the film is bartender, played by Clu Gulager, the father of director John Gulager. The others are either really annoying, or just idiotic. Except for the guy in the wheelchair played by Josh Zuckerman, who doesn't really get much screentime. "Feast" does bog itself down with too much dialogue after the initial attack scene in the bar, which isn't a good thing seeing as how alot of these characters don't have anything interesting to say when they aren't cursing at each other or tossing around insults. I felt this film would've been better served if it had been more like "Critters", where a slew of monsters were attacking the protagonists. In "Feast", it's just four and they spend most of the film trying to find a way inside the bar after the patrons board the place up as a defensive measure. This slows the movie down considerably, a movie which with a plot like this should've been a fast paced - monster around every corner type of film. Despite, those problems, "Feast" still wasn't a total waste of time in my opinion. The film did provide some great performances from actors you wouldn't expect them from, all the while smashing a few horror film cliches here and there, and wrapping things up with a really gory, intense, and entertaining climax. "Feast" isn't a perfect monster movie, but it's a likeable one.

Positives:Great performances by Krista Allen, Jenny Wade, and Clu Gulager who were also likeable characters in their own right. Intriguing monsters and great creature fx. Lots of blood and gore. Great climax.

Negatives:Too small a number of monsters. Most of the male characters were annoying and hard to root for. Poorly lit and quick moving scenes make it very hard to see the action taking place.

Overall:Worth a view despite it's flaws. It does alot of things right and cliche breaking is always a plus.

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