Evil Bong review

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[Evil Bong]
Plot:A nefarious bong from the 60's finds it way into the hands of a couple of stoners in modern times.

Cast: Kristen Caldwell, Gina-Raye Carter, Tommy Chong, Mitch Eakins, Phil Fondacaro, Kristyn Green, John Patrick Jordan, Brian Lloyd, Bill Moseley, Robin Sydney, Tim Thomerson, David Weidoff.

My Thoughts:That bong...she's a crafty one.

Review:For a movie titled "Evil Bong" Charles Band's "Evil Bong" wasn't a total disaster which is what one expects from a movie aptly titled "Evil Bong". The film has 3 stoner roommates who get a new roomie in resident nerd Alistair, played by David Weidoff. The four begin to bond a bit, and when the lead stoner Larnell (John Patrick Jordan) sends away for a unique looking bong, that he spots on the back of "High Times" magazine...it soon arrives. Of course with it, comes trouble...as the more people smoke from the bong, the more they get sucked into it. Until finally, they're trapped inside it permanently! Charles Band for all the crazy kooky movies he makes, certainly does know how not to take his films too seriously. For example...the titular "Bong World" in this movie...which is where those who've toked from it become engulfed in, is basically a stripper joint with a plethora of hot ladies. Band also uses this opportunity to have past Fullmoon characters appear in the film such as Ooga Booga from "Doll Graveyard", Jack from "Demonic Toys", and Gingerdead Man from "Gingerdead Man". We also get alot of other silliness such as stripper boobs coming to life and attacking people, and a scene where Larnell's father introduces him to his new "mommy". This scene is pretty funny considering she's exactly the opposite of what Larnell expects. Of course the main character of the film is the evil bong itself, which is a huge bong that comes to life more and more as it's unsuspecting victims toke more from it. After it claims it's first victim -- Bachman...it gains a face and begins rejoicing in it's evil ways. The bong carries the voice of a sassy black woman, who can certainly give a tongue lashing to her victims with the best of them. Of course the problem with this is, the bong's charm wears off by act three and it's constant sassy rantings just become annoying. Amongst all of this, there is a plot though, a thin one..but still a plot. The jist basically goes as one would expect it to. The stoners get trapped inside the bong world, along with their two girlfriends and it's up to their new nerdy roommate who they gave so much shit to upon first metting him..to rescue them, while avoiding falling prey to the Bong's seductive ways. "Evil Bong" overall is a fun movie and has some pretty good performances by alot of it's young cast. The reason why it works is because Charles Band as I stated above, doesn't take the film seriously and doesn't try to scare or frighten as much as make you laugh and entertain with the silliness of the characters he's placed within the movie. However it does head downhill throughout each act, as it becomes somewhat repetitive with it's events and the sheer predictability of the whole situation begins to kick in. Still Band ends the movie right where it should've ended, which is really when he's run out of past fullmoon character's to plug into the film, and the Bong has used up every witty comeback shet could come up with. "Evil Bong" should by no means be taken seriously, and as long as you watch it with an open mind and a laid back attitude, you should find it charming and quirky in alot of ways which should help you ignore the sheer absurdity of a movie about a bong, with bad intentions that manages to suck a few stoners into an alternate dimension.

Positives:Good acting, the bong is funny in it's early moments of coming to life. Decent story.

Negatives:The bong's sassy tude becomes annoying by act three. The story is a bit too thin in many areas.

Overall:A moderately entertaining trip into weirdness.

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