Evil Aliens Review

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[Evil Aliens]
Plot:In Scalleum a remote farming island off the north coast of Wales, a local farm girl Cat Williams and her Hitchhiker boyfriend Angelo Jones are abducted by aliens. Meanwhile,"Weird Worlde" is a cable TV program that's having trouble with its ratings. Threatened with losing her job if things don't improve, presenter Michelle Fox needs to come up with something special. She puts a team together to investigate the 'Scalleum Incident' thinking it will make a great story because Cat Williams's claims to not have just been abducted by aliens but also impregnated by them! The TV crew doesn't believe a word of Cat's story, but Michelle will do anything to save her job even if she has to fake a little evidence.Tensions rise and things are about to come to a head when the aliens who abducted cat arrive, and they aren't friendly,in fact they are pure Evil! To survive, they all must tool up with whatever weapons they can find, ranging from hammers to machetes, chainsaws to rotary tillers and even a combine harvester! Will they survive the Alien threat?

Cast: Chris Adamson, Emily Booth, Sam Butler, Tree Carr, Tim Clark, Glenn Collier, Jennifer Evans, Eden Ford, James Heathcote, Mark Holloway, Jamie Honeybourne, Scott Joseph, Norman Lovett, Peter O'Connor, Dan Palmer, Jodie Shaw, Nick Smithers, Chris Thomas, Mildred Von Heildegard, Mark Richard Williams.

My Thoughts:A great mix of sci-fi and horror

Review:"Evil Aliens" is similar to the movie "Aliens", just without taking place in space, the great fx work, Ellen Ripley, and the serious overtone of things. Jake West's film puts a camera crew led by reporter Michelle Fox (Emily Booth), in the vicinity of a remote fishing village in England. They're there to document the apparent kidnapping and impregnation of a woman named Cat, who along with her boyfriend Angelo, were allegedly abducted by aliens. Angelo was killed by the aliens while Cat survived. But soon after the abduction,Cat became pregnant. Along with Michelle and her crew is a UFO geek who is hellbent on catching a glimpse of these outerspace lifeforms. But Michelle is just interested in coming up with something interesting and good to keep her job, and she even goes as far to bring along an actor in an alien get up to make sure of that. "Evil Aliens" doesn't present the best or most original characters, particularly the character of Michelle Fox, who we've seen in countless other films of this nature. The reporter who will do anything for a story. However, the movie does make good use of the characters that it does present and puts a few new spins on them to make them more interesting and likeable than they usually would be. The film also doesn't take long to get right to the action, as on night two of the shoot, the aliens return which is where the film kicks into high gear. One thing that's never explained about the aliens is what they want, although a few things are hinted at, one of which is impregnating human women with their spawn. It's mostly suggested however that they're simply just evil aliens who take pleasure in killing humans. The aliens look pretty cool too for this sort of production. Normally in indie horror pics, you'd expect some really poor quality monsters but the fx guys on this movie did a great job with the look of the aliens, their ship, and their methods of attack. They're also pretty sly devils as they implant a mind controlling like device in the noses of the people they abduct, which they can activate at any time causing the person to attack their friends. West tries to blend comedy with his horror in "Evil Aliens" but the problem is most of the comedy isn't funny and some of it is british humor which most americans myself included don't quite get. Which is why I think Wes used sci-fi humor and in-jokes most of the movie for the comedic parts. There's alot of scifi nerd jokes, and even a scene where a man rips off his jacket to reveal a shirt that reads "God Hates Trek". The problem is though anti scifi geek jokes are so stale now that in this movie, they really don't manage to generate many laughs...not from me atleast. 'Evil Aliens" is also a real splatterfest, and the blood and gore levels are extremely high, which overshadows and offsets alot of the comedy that doesn't take place within the flow of the scenes where the humans and aliens do battle, and boy do they ever. We get everything in this movie from bodies being ripped apart, limbs ripped off, lots of shot guns used...and crossbows, chainsaws, weedwackers, are used as well. The people in this movie are certainly hellbent on surviving their encounter with these evil aliens and they show it, which is exactly what is missing from most horror movies nowadays...the will to live. There aren't any "character stands there and awaits death" type of scenes in "Evil Aliens", which was a breath of fresh air from most of todays horror features. The acting in this film by Emily Booth, the dude who plays the scifi nerd, and most of the other cast members is also pretty above average. The most outrageous thing about "Evil Aliens" however, has to be it's ending which is sort of a tongue in cheek joke in itself. "Evil Aliens" is a great mix of science fiction and horror, and also will remind you of those old 80s science fiction films which were just blood, gore, campiness, and tits. While the fourth is not as over exploited in this movie as it would've been back then, the blood, gore, and campiness are certainly in every crack and crevice of this film. It manages to include all of those elements without trying or making it look like it's trying too hard. Which is what makes it such an awesome flick.

Pros:Better than usual acting, high blood and gore factor, great blending of science fiction, horror, and action elements. This film also has a very high overall fun factor.

Cons:Minor con, but it's never really made clear what the aliens want. But with a what title like "Evil Aliens" suggests, that can be partially excused.

Overall:Fun scifi/horror romp that most will enjoy, even if it is a bit too silly at times.

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