Decoys review

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Plot:Luke and Roger are just another couple of college guys trying to lose their virginity. But when Luke sees something unusual, he begins to suspect that the girls on campus aren't exactly...human

Cast: Corey Sevier, Stefanie von Pfetten, Kim Poirier, Elias Toufexis, Meghan Ory, Enis Esmer, Krista Morin, Marc Trottier, Carrie Colak, Richard Burgi, Nicole Eggert.

My Review:I had been wanting to see this movie ever since I heard it had been released. However, it was a canadian release, so I had no chance of seeing it in theatres. I was hoping it would hit DVD here in the states soon. Lucky for me, it premiered on SCI-FI earlier tonight. The film centers around two college roommates (Sevier and Toufexis), who are looking to lose their virgiinity. On a laundry run, they both get approached by two hot blondes named Lily and Constance. However, after a bit of flirting, Sevier goes up to the girls room to return a roll of quarters they left at downstairs. Upon his entry into their room, he notices the biting cold temperature, and while hiding in the closet, is shocked to discover that one of the girls has tentacles that emerge from her chest. It's at this point that he tries to warn his friend Roger, but he will have none of the ridiculous story of aliens inhabiting the bodies of hot teenage coeds, and planning a world takeover. After the school jock/bully is found dead, after having his body frozen from the inside out, Luke decides to ask his friend Alex to help him get some evidence of Lily being an alien as he suspects she is. So she agrees to plant a camera in the room to catch any abnormal occurances should they occur. Luke gets Lily to invite him back to her room, and during, tentacles sprout from her chest and try to attack Luke. He fights them off, and knocks down a candle in the process. The fire causes Lily to revert to her true form, a hideous looking, scaly skinned green alien, and she escapes the room. However, none of this is caught on tape, because Alexes camera malfunctioned during the taping. Constance, Lilys cousin friend winds up coupled with Lukes best friend Roger. However, she winds up developing real feelings for him, which was not part of their mission. This causes her to spill the whole story about why they are really here, which is to collect male DNA by freezing their blood, so that they can return home, and repopulate their dying planet. She also declines to have sex with Roger because she knows he will die if she does. Roger then comes up with the idea to procreate with her instead. So they do. In between all of this, Lukes friend Bobby is killed, frozen by one of the alien sorority sisters, and then he realizes that Roger is with Constance whos one of them. It's also at this time, based on flashbacks, that he realizes, they are afraid of fire. However when he arrives at the dorm, and scares off Constance with a flame thrower, it's already too late. Roger goes into a state of shock, and eventually dies at the hospital. With his best friend now a victim of these intergalactical sirens, Luke enlists help from a cop friend of his, (Nicole Eggert), to take down the space invaders for good. All the alien sorority girls are killed at a dinner party, except for constance whos able to escape, and is pursued by Luke. Just as she gets the upper hand against him when his flame thrower runs out, Watts (Eggert) shoots her, and Luke breaks open a hot steam pipe which destroys Constance. The ending is a great twist one, which sets it up for a sequel, so I won't give it away.

Pros:The story IMO was a very creative one, and I liked the effects of the tentacles sprouting from the girls chests whenever they were *with* someone. The acting wasn't great, but it was pretty good for a film like this, and the snowy sceneries looked excellent. The twist ending was a bit predictable, but still worked on many levels, as well as made alot of sense from many perspectives.

Cons:Very many plotholes, one of which involves Luke, the cop whos trying to connect him to the murders, and detective Watts. You try and piece together what could be the story there between these 3 with little bits of dialogue being tossed out here and there, but theres not enough to fully explain anystrong connection between the 3 characters. This hurts the film because all 3 of these characters are vital to the story. Also the lack of blood and gore hurt it a bit. I wasn't expecting a splatterfest, but a bit of gore or blood would've helped. The action scenes are few and far between as well. I was also expecting the build up of the plot point that Constance is a bit envious of Lily to come larger into play late in the film. I think that would've provided a better climax. However, this plot point was played upon alot during the film, but never revisited at the end on any larger scale.

Overall:a pretty good SCI-FI/comedy flick. Although I think the film would've worked better as a serious movie, and not mostly sex comedy, it still was a good watch. I hope the sequel gets made, as it has already been announced a few months ago.

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