Children of the Corn Revelations review

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[Children of the Corn 7]
When a girl named Jamie repeatedly tries to contact her grandmother to no avail, she investigates by going to her apartment in Omaha Nebraska....only to find that it's been condemned and overtaken by possesed children! As she digs deeper, she discovers a dark secret about her grandmother and awakens a dark, demonic force that wants Jamie dead and will stop at nothing.

Cast: Claudette Mink, Kyle Cassie, Michael Ironside, Troy Yorke, Michael Rogers, Taylor Hobbs, Jeff Ballard, Sean Smith, Crystal Lowe, Louise Grant, John B. Destry, Ron Small.

My Thoughts:Going into this film, I thought this would be a direct continuation of the shocking events that took place at the end of part 6, involving Hannah, her baby, Gabriel/He who walks behind the rows, and Hannahs mom Rachel. However, this is yet another film that deals with a side story, of a cult which pre-dates Isaacs cult in part 1.

Review:Jamie Lowell visits this rundown tenement building where her dear old Granny lives, seems grandma hasn't returned any of Jamies calls in a few weeks, and shes worried that something might have happened to her. Upon arriving at the place, she runs into two of the corn kids. These kids look pale, baggy-eyed, with blank expressions, and they also don't speak. However one things for sure, she plays into this whole equation somehow. Jamie searches her grandmas apartment, and finds no sign of her, so she goes to see a detective named Armbrister (don't detectives usually have more usual last names like Richards or Carter?). Anyways, he really doesn't wanna be bothered, so he gives her the run around, and she storms out of the police station, and heads back to her grandmas apartment. After getting spooked when a handful of bloody corn is flung at her window, she decides to take a stroll to the store to pick up a few things(funny, if that had happened to me, the last thing I'd be thinking about is venturing outside). On her way to the store, she runs into more of the kids, including a little girl playing hopscotch on a pentagram (cool creative scene I must admit). While in the store, Jamie notices the same two kids she met in the elevator are following her. Jamie talks to them, but they do not respond. On her way out of the store, she runs into a little girl, who points at her and says *kill*. The little girl repeats this again, and Jamie (in all of her infinite wisdom) gives the girl a quarter. On the way back home, Jamie meets a mysterious priest, and sees a message scrawled on the desk at the apartment building which reads *Jamie go home*. Despite, the lack of adults in this ghost town, strange looking children, blood being tossed at her window, and now this message, Jamie decides (again, in all of her infinite wisdom), to stick around. Later on some stoner invites her to a rooftop BBQ, however, hes disposed of by the corn kids soon after. After a weird dream, she goes back to the cop, who decides to help her this time (obviously he has hopes of getting laid by this hot redhead). The kids take this time to kill off a few more of the buildings residents, and play head games with the gun nut neighbor who has a heart condition. The cop leaves after he searches Jamies place, upon which the foul mouthed old man in a wheelchair is killed. Jamie decides to head downstairs after seeing someone in the yard. Soon after, the lead evil kid Abel shows up, and collects all the kids to prepare for finally killing Jamie. The gun nut tries to bail but too little to late. Finally the priest shows back up, and offers an explanation to Jamie as to what exactly the hell is going on. He ties things back to the original "COTC" film, and explains to her that she was a mistake and now he who walks is back to erase this mistake. The priest tells her to leave, but Jamie (once again in all of her infinite wisdom) decides to stay. The priest bails, and the kids kidnap Jamie, and take her to the basement to meet Abel. Jamie takes off running, and finally has to face the kids in the hallway. Jamie manages to evade the kids, but gets trapped downstairs by evil cornstalks, the cop shows back up, and rescues her, before the building explodes.

Pros:Great camera work, creepy music, creepy kids, and a dark, dank, hopeless atmosphere make the film pretty good. I liked the way they tied the film back to the original story in one scene as well. Also the supporting cast adds an element to the movie. The gun nut neighbor is funny because his character is so flawed. Hes got the ammo to take out the kids, but because of his weak heart, hes a sitting duck. The old man (guessing hes a former war veteran?) in the wheelchair who has a potty mouth the likes of which would make the south park kids cover their ears. The blonde stripper/next door neighbor, very cliched indeed. and The stoner whos growing weed plants in his apartment which you can clearly see when he answers the door theres so many of them, and even answers the door with a bong in his mouth, talk about a top secret operation. BTW, with the lack of adults in the town, why grow so much weed? Theres no customers to buy it from ya.

I also liked the atmosphere, characters, camera work, music, and there were many cool scenes, mainly the one where Jamie tosses the flaming wreath onto the stove, and the hallway standoff where one little girl is swinging on a swing made out of cornvines. Also, the scene where the stripper is killed off in the bathtub by cornseeds dropped in by one of the kids.

Cons:The heroine is dumb as hell, how many signs do you need until you haul ass outta there? One scene in particular when she wakes up in the middle of the night, to take some sleeping pills, and the entire building creaks, and then theres a demonic growling sound that follows. You kind of wished Chris Tucker would show up, and in his squeaky voice yell at Jamie "Get yo ass outta here! Got weird ass lookin kids staring you up and down, weird noises, people mysteriously disappearing, kids playin hopscotch on pentagrams, and you still decide to stick around? What the hells wrong with you woman?!!!...Get yo ass out the goddamn buildin!". When the stoner is tossed off the roof, he just hits the ground and dies. Pretty lame he wasn't impaled onto anything. Also there were too many layers of story piled onto this movie. This leaves a bundle of questions about alot of things which most likely won't be answered in any future sequels. I appreciate the effort of a story for once, but don't pile on questions that will never be answered. Lastly, the lead kid, Abel. Has got to be THE worst lead corn kid ever. He has no real powers except he can close doors with his mind, lame.

Revelations:There were a few, we find out what exactly happens to the adults when they're killed, we find out he who walks is actually the devil, we find out other people have been warned of this corn cult folklore, and also we find out about this cult which pre-dates Isaacs.

Overall:Pretty good film, creepier than part 6, but the ending falls flat in alot of ways.

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