Children of the Corn 5 review

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[Children of the Corn 5:Fields of Terror]
Plot:6 Friends arrive in a small Nebraska town called "Divinity Falls", for the funeral of a friend. However, when the 2 friends that were driving ahead of the other 4 mysteriously vanish, the other 4 friends try to find out their whereabouts. In doing so, they stumble upon a dark secret which connects to the towns children, their missing friends, and also the lead girls younger brother.

Cast: Stacy Galina, Alexis Arquette, Eva Mendes, Greg Vaughan, Angela Jones, Ahmet Zappa, Fred Williamson, Dave Buzzotta, Olivia Burnette, Adam Wylie, David Carradine, Aaron Jackson, Matthew Tait, Kane Hodder.

Review:The way they connect this sequel to the first one is really loose. Seems after He who walks behind the rows, was brought down in part 2, it took the form of a large fire in a cornfield, and relocated from Gatlin and it's neighboring town Hemmingford, upon which it fills a kid with it's energy, thus making him the new lead evil kid. It's at this point that 1 year later, some guy and his wife get taken out in a rainy stormy night scene which I think was very well done. A few more wrong place wrong timers are taken out, before our main group of kids crash into a corn field when a blow up doll is tossed onto their windshield. The dolls were hung up at certain road points by their friend Laslo (Ahmet Zappa), as a means of giving directions to the house of the family of their recently deceased friend, an act that was not appreciated by the rogue band of kids. After the crash, Allison, Greg, Ty, and Kir encounter the kids, and their leader. After some dialogue is tossed around, they try to find their friends Laslo and Charlotte, who are already lunchmeat, of course our main 4 don't know this. They also notice a foul odor, which smells like burning flesh. Greg mentions this when they arrive at a nearby bar, and it draws the attention of a hillbilly who mentions Luke Enrights corn silos been burning for awhile now (what kind of towns police force allows such a hazard to go unrighted? Especially when kids are residing nearby the hazard is beyond me) He also mentions that the *adopted* kids who work the farm for Luke, worship he who walks behind the rows. This draws Allisons attention and also scares her a bit, as we later find out, her abused lil bros last words to her before he ran away, were that he was devoting his life to he who walks behind the rows. Laslo and Charlotte are eventually found, in pieces. Ty after this incident, and a threat from the local sheriff (Fred Williamson), wants to leave town. Allison wants to stay and find out if her brother might be running with these kids. They all agree to stay,although reluctantly. They meet up with the kids, and Allison is taken into a large house to talk to Luke (David Carradine). Luke has a Jim Jones complex going on, but the dialogue between him and Allison is very good. He gives her the run around with cult like phrases, metaphors, and banter. But Allison reads right through it, and stays stern in the fact that she wants to see her brother. This surprises and confuses Luke, who then decides to let her see her bro. Her bro explains to her that hes a father now and has a wife, and that Luke chose her to bare his child.(This kids like 16 wtf? and the girl Lily who he got pregnant looks younger than that). shes ordered to leave by Ezeekial shortly after. Her brother Jacob gives her a book, which he says will *HELP* her understand. Her friends decide to bail, seeing as how Allison accomplished nothing, and the town is creeping them out. Allison elects to stay, and after decoding a cry for help from her brother, asks the sheriff for help in rescuing him. Her friends have a change of heart about leaving, so they return to the house. Allison is gone, and then when they come back outside, their other friend Kir has vanished. Jacob is stopped from leaving when he declines a suicidal pact, and brutally beaten. The cops show along with Allison. It's at this point we find out Luke was just a corpse reanimated by Ezeekial as a front for the orphanage. A bunch of fight scenes occur in which Ty and Greg are both killed in. Allison finds her near dead brother Jacob, and before a tearful goodbye speech, he tells her the way to beat the evil flame. Her attempt is thwarted by Ezeekial. She kills him, and tosses a concauction mix into the flame, putting it out for good. However the ending is cliched and really not a shock to anyone.

Pros:I loved the way these kids captured the true spirit of the corn movies, in which the kids are supposed to use the corn fields to their advantage against their victims. This was done in many scenes here. Before Charlotte is killed, she hears rustling in the field, and sees glimpses of shadows zooming back and forth through the corn as a distraction, allowing Jared (whos like 6'3), to surprise her, and kill her off. Then Laslo is chased, but the kids split up, and cut him off at the pass, then force him into another kid whos waiting in the wings with a scythe.

I also liked the performance of Adam Wylie as Ezeekial. Although hes the shortest of the bunch, his performance as a leader was very believable. You could actually see the other kids feared him, even Jared. The scene after Charlotte is killed, Ezeekial disapproves of this, so he scolds Jared, upon which one of the corn kids backs away in fright fearing what might become of Jared at the hands of an angry Ezeekial.

The idea of having the orphanage be a front for the evil doings was a good plot point as well. No ones gonna suspect a bunch of kids working the farm at an orphanage of being up to no good.

Lastly, the fight scenes, and performances by the corn kids themselves were terrific. and No there wasn't any "Matrix" type kung fu stuff either. Just simple, grab whatevers nearest to you in order to survive type fights. The music in this film was great as well, and the kills were great.

Cons:The plot of the film was that they were coming to town for the funeral, of their dead friend, but this is never elaborated on much. They had this guys ashes in an ern. It's unclear to me whether it was a funeral, or were they bringing his ashes back to his family. Also, this Kurt guy was supposed to be Kirs boyfriend, but she gets mad in one early scene, and almost knocks the ern out of Tys hand, causing some of the ashes to spill in Gregs car. Upon which Greg replies *Guys...don't spill Kurt in my car*. Seems very out of place and odd, for people who supposedly were this persons friends, to be treating his ashes in such a careless manner.

I also hated the fact that there wasn't enough background info on Luke. Luke mentions a story about a kid he found in the cornfield, and you dismiss it as cult crap. Till Ezeekial mentions near the end, that we all have out skeletons in the closet, and fortunately, he was able to put his to good use, as their leader. It's hinted at that maybe Luke was his father, or some sort of relative, but this was never elaborated on. Which leads me to believe that maybe in between the year he who walks posessed the kid, and that couple were killed, maybe Ezeekial killed Luke.

Overall:IMO it's a great sequel, too bad part 6 wasn't as entertaining. 7/10.

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