Cemetery Gates Review

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[Cemetery Gates]
Plot:A genetically mutated Tasmanian Devil is liberated by two eco-activists only to escape during transport and start up a bloody killing spree.

Cast: Reggie Bannister, Peter Stickles, Aime Wolf, Nicole DuPort, Kristin Novak, Ky Evans, John Thomas, Chris Finch, Karol Garrison, Bill Lloyd, Greg McDonald, Stephen Van Dorn, Howard Berger, Gregory Nicotero, Aristide Sumatra.

My Thoughts:Good idea, bad movie.

Review:I hate movies like "Cemetery Gates". They have such a cool idea but for some reason it winds up looking like a total mess on screen. Our story begins when two eco-activists break into a science lab, and decide to rescue based on it's behavior..what seems to be a large, and ferocious animal inside a big crate. This animal is a tasmanian devil, and not the one we're used to seeing in the bugs bunny cartoons. This one is much more volatile, ugly, and large. Everything is fine and dandy until tazzie manages to break out of it's crate while it's emancipators are transporting it to the perfect release spot. That's when the carnage begins. Unfortunately, it's not as fun as it should be because writers Pat Coburn and Brian patrick O'Toole don't create a string within the story to allow any of it to make sense. The tazmanian devil just starts ripping random people apart but thanks to the bad writing, it's so obvious that these people were just supposed to be there for script purposes. There's never a scene in this movie where one feels that random guy or random girl just happened to be strolling through the park and HOLY CRAP! The Tazmanian devil strikes again! That's how most of the scenes should break down, unfortunately they don't. The cast of characters are also another mark in the minus column for this movie. We get a flaky film student and his annoying stoner friends, a drunk guy and his thieving redneck sons, and two hippies who are torn apart early on in the film. I don't know why Coburn and O'Toole thought we'd be able to relate to or find any of these people likeable. Even the cliche good looking blonde whom posesses the IQ of a handball..played by Kristin Novak, manages to piss off the viewer - despite her good looks. And everyone knows in horror movies, the dumb blonde is supposed to be dumb in a cute, likeable, and laughable way, not in an annoying, please god let her die soon sort of way. Luckily Reggie Bannister and Aime Wolf, who play the two scientists tasked with hunting down the escaped Tasmanian devil add some likeability factor to the films overall cast. Which is furthered strengthened by Nicole Duport's character Kym, who is the only non-annoying member of the college student crew. Director Rony Knyrim does know one thing that films like this need though, blood...and he gives us lots of it as "Precious" (yes the beast of the movie is actually named Precious)..rips apart, decapitates, slashes, devours, guts, and dismembers person after person after person. Until the finale of the film which takes place inside an underground cave where what's left of the films cast has to destroy Precious or die trying. Precious herself looks pretty cool when shown in full spotlight. It actually wasn't too bad looking of a monster, but even in the scenes where it kills a victim, while loads of blood is always appreciated in a horror film..it's obvious in alot of scenes that it's just being overused to add shock, and gore value to the deaths. In fact after 3 or 4 of the kills, the oodles of blood that spurt and spray in the later deaths fail to impress or shock anymore. And that really hurts the movie in the long run. The ending is a decent one despite a cliche "honorable sacrifice" type of death being thrown in before everything's all said and done. I won't give away the finale but I'll just say that things end on a predictable note. "Cemetary Gates" certainly isn't the worst when it comes to B movie schlock horror, but it does make alot of mistakes along the way.

Pros:Good looking monster, good looking girls, very bloody deaths, a decent musical score.

Cons:The overusage of blood for simple shock effect is very blatant most of the time. Horrible dialogue, annoying characters, and lack of a cohesive story. Also the stupidity level of the characters in the film when faced with danger was alarmingly high, even for a movie like this.

Overall:Not really something to rush out and rent. Wait for cable if you're not uncontrollably curious.

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