Candy Stripers Review

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[Candy Stripers]
Plot:Concerns injured college basketball players who wind up in a hospital where the candy-stripe nurses are not what they seem to be. While they may look like extremely attractive human nurses, they’re actually predatory aliens who seduce and consume their male patients. Matt a college B-Baller, sets out to help his friends escape becoming their next meal, and destroy the sexy but deadly candy stripers.

Cast: Scott Aaronson, Brian Lloyd, Sarah Ball, Brianna Berman, Deanna Brooks, Richard Burke, Monique Cooper, William Edwards Jr., Kevin Thomas Fee, Leah Foster, Terri Lynn Harris, Pearl Anne Lopez, Barry J. Ratcliffe, Nicole Rayburn, Gerald Smith, Serria Tawan.

My Thoughts:Cheesy B horror that drops the ball in key moments.

Review:Going into a movie like "Candy Stripers" one already knows what to expect. Blood, boobs, sex, and gore. "Candy Stripers" has all of those things, but it really drops the ball in some key areas which kill what started out as a film full of potential. In this Killer alien babes from outerspace flick, a carnivorous alien lifeform uses a human host to transport itself to a nearby hospital. The plan is to use the hospital as a base of operations of sorts, all the while building it's army body-snatching a plethora of hot candy striper nurses. This is where one of the films many problems come into play, nothing is explained about this alien lifeform. It simply takes over one of two girls who stop to assist in a roadside accident, and from there on takes over more and more people at the hospital. But what does it want? What's it's ultimate goal? Although one could assume the answers to these questions, this film doesn't even give one ioda of a clue about it's monster. The best we can gather from the creature, is that it can somehow reproduce inside a host and it's offspring claim new hosts via mouth to mouth contact, similar to "Night of the Creeps". Trouble arises for the stripers when a few injured college ball players are brought in to the hospital, and while there quickly start to realize something ain't quite right with the nurses in the hospital. "Candy Stripers" has alot of potential in it's story and it's overall premise..the potential is certainly there for a new, unique twist on the *invaders from outer space* subgenre. But the script is lazily written and it steals from so many previous alien invader sci-fi flicks. You can easily see alot of "Attack of the Pod People", mixed with some apeing of "Decoys" and "Species" in this film. Rather than becoming it's own horror/sci-fi flick and presenting a new breed of outerspace villains, "Candy Stripers" simply spoofs alot of other films of it's ilk and that just makes the film into a jumbled mess. As if the constant spoofing of other films wasn't bad enough, the acting is very bad, as well as the lighting..which hurts the movie alot since during 98% of the character death scenes, it's hard to see anything that's happening with the lack of lighting. There are a few minor positives to the film though, some of the creature FX are well done, and for some reason these alien babes like to scarf down sugar or anything sweet they can get their hands on. This adds a little bit of comedy to the movie which really needs it considering it doesn't have much else going for it except for tons of good looking women. Like with most movies cut from the same cloth as this one...a way to destroy the aliens is eventually revealed, which I must admit was a very creative addition to the films story, and strayed far from what I was expecting to be the key to defeating the alien hotties. "Candy Stripers" steps up it's game in the final act but still ends up falling short with alot of unbelieveable things taking place during the third act, and also the dialogue hits it's lowest point in act three. Pretty ironic considering how bad the dialogue is at the beginning of the movie, I never thought it could get any worse but apparently I was wrong. WindChill Films had the possible beginnings of a possible cult horror series on it's hands with this film. But the lazy writing, and poor directing just crushed all hopes of that ever happening. Tragic, considering we could really use a strong B horror movie series right now in the direct to dvd market.

Pros:Good eye candy with most of the candy stripers, some decent blood and gore in a few scenes.

Cons:Lazily written script, bad directing, horrible dialogue, even worse acting, and the ending was very lame.

Overall:Silly B movie that might be worth your time if you're really bored on a Saturday afternoon. Too bad they didn't take this film more seriously during production, it could've been something special.

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