Boy Eats Girl Review

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[Boy Eats Girl]
Plot:A teen declares his love for his girlfriend, only to die the same night. He is brought back to life by his mother as a flesh-eating zombie, who sires more teen undead while trying to control his, appetite for his beloved.

Cast: Samantha Mumba, David Leon, Laurence Kinlan, Deirdre O'Kane, Sara James.

My Thoughts:Better than "Shaun of the Dead".

Review:"Boy Eats Girl" is a zombie comedy similar to films like "Shaun of the Dead". Both films revolve around the leading male pining after a certain girl but having something always end up getting in the the walking dead. But "Boy Eats Girl" is better in the regard that the characters are much more likeable, theres way more blood, and the plot is much tighter. But most of all, it's actually funny! David Leon plays Nathan, a guy who has his eyes and heart set on a girl named Jessica who is played very well by pop singer Samantha Mumba. Nathan finally gets up the courage to ask Jessica out on a date, but when a funny string of incidents lead him to believe shes interested in someone else, he comtemplates suicide via hanging himself..which his mother inadvertently winds up doing herself when she bursts into his room, and accidentally knocks the stool out from under his feet. Luckily for his mom, she remembers stumbling across a hoodou book at the museum where she works, and decides to use it to bring Nathan back. It isn't long however, before things take a turn for the weird, as the newly reanimated Nathan has all the signs of an undead teenager. No blood, no pulse, a really pale complexion, oh and of course, that nasty hunger for human flesh. When Nathan gets into a confrontation with his arch nemesis Samson, who thinks he's hitting on his girlfriend, he winds up biting him in the process. It isn't long afterwards before a zombie plague begins to spread all over town. This is also where the comedy aspect of the film really shines. "Boy Eats Girl" unlike "Shaun of the Dead", is actually funny without trying too hard. This is mostly due to it's superb script which was written by Derek Landy. The film has many simple scenes, that are real side-splitters because of the reactions of the characters and the great acting job done by the actors playing those characters. Laurence Kinlan, and Tadhg Murphy are extremely funny as Nathans two best friends Henry and Diggs. David Leon the lead of the picture does a really good job playing Nathan, who spends most of the movie fighting his primal zombie urges to go out and eat people, while his mother slowly begins to realize the horrible reprecussions of her bringing him back. For most of the film post being brought back, Leon's character remains inside until he learns that the woman he loves, Jessica is in danger from his newly undead classmates. Then he springs into action along with his friends, to rescue her. Landy does a good job in keeping the characters and zombie attacks on an equal level of hilarity. One of the funniest scenes in the film has the school slut running away from a pack of teenage zombies and she spots an old woman from school on her motorbike. She then proceeds to try and flag her down for help, but the old woman responds by flipping her off...but she then loses control of the bike and crashes. Enabling Cheryl played by Sara James, to hop on the bike and drive off. As she's driving away, the old woman is set upon by the previously mentioned pack of zombies! Hilarious! "Boy Eats Girl" is also never lacking in the blood and gore department. Once Nathan bites Samson, this film turns really bloody. Theres no cut aways here folks, they give us all the blood and flesh chomping we can handle. In fact, this movie was banned in Ireland originally and had to be recut to get a 15 rating so it could be released there. We get peoples insides ripped out, guts being eaten,numerous shots of flesh being eaten or torn off, dismemberments, and even a kick ass scene where Samantha Mumba's character Jessica goes midevil on a bunch of zombies with a grass cutting machine. The end resolution in how to stop the zombies doesn't go the usual route, and rather emphasizes the creativity of the films using something that we or atleast I, have never seen used before in movies within this particular subgenre. "Boy Eats Girl" doesn't follow the "Resident Evil" or "Land of the dead" route of "aim for the head"... and decides to do something totally different with killing off it's zombies. "Boy Eats Girl" is a very enjoyable film, and if you like horror comedies and love zombie movies, you really need to check this one out. It's the perfect blend of both worlds.

Pros:Good performances by the cast, mainly Mumba and Leon. Bloody, gory, and wretched like a zombie movie should be. The comedy parts worked really well, nice setting in the suburbs of Ireland, and a good story to hold everything together.

Cons:Nothing Major.

Overall:One of the better zombie comedies out there. I recommend you give this one a looksee when it's released later this year.

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