Blade:Trinity review

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[Blade:Trinity] (Plot:After killing a familiar who was posing as a vampire, in an elaborate scheme by the vampire nation to paint Blade as a cold blooded killer, Blade is now on the run from not only the FBI, but also his sworn enemies, the vampires. To make matters even worse, Danica Talos and her crew have awakened Drake aka Dracula, into the modern world to help destroy Blade and wipe out all of humanity. Can Blade avoid the police forces pursuing him long enough to thwart Danica and the vampire nations plans, destroy Dracula, and clear his name?) (Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Dominic Purcell, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Parker Posey, Mark Berry, John Michael Higgins, Callum Keith Rennie, Paul Michael Levesque, Paul Anthony, Françoise Yip, Michael Rawlins, James Remar, Natasha Lyonne.) (My thoughts:After the very entertaining (yet a bit over the top) "Blade 2", I eagerly awaited the release of "Blade:Trinity". Going into the film, and with this being a "Blade" movie, I automatically expected an ass kicking good time. "Trinity" sure as hell delivered, and then some.) (My review:The film starts off with a group of uniformed figures in a chopper touching down in the Iraqi desert. One of the figures flips the bird at the sun beaming down on them. This is our first clue that these are vamps. The group enters a cave like structure, and upon taking off their masks, are revealed to be Danica Talos (Posey), and her crew which include Jarko Grimwood (Triple H), and Asher Talos her brother. They intend to awaken Drake better known as Dracula (Dominic Purcell). However, before they can awaken him, Drake awakens himself,rising from the dirt and killing one of Danicas crew in the process. As Danica screams in terror, we fade to black, and then the title credits start to roll. As with "Blade 2", "Trinity"'s opening credits start with the usual Blade dusting a gang of vamps at their hideout in flashy and stylish ways, using his latest techno gadgets. Pretty soon, Whistler comes on the scene in a large truck giving Blade the 411 on a few vamps who manage to escape the Daywalker in a car. Blade commendeers a black mustang of his own and pursues them. A car chase ensues through a tunnel where Blade makes short work of the vamps, leaving one left alive at the end of the car chase. However after Blade shoots this vamp with silver nitrate, and upon closer inspection, it turns out to that hes not a vamp at all, but a familiar posing as a vamp, who taunts Blade by saying *We set you up, not a vamp dumbshit!",and dies seconds later. To make matters worse, Danica Talos is secretly taping the entire incident, as well as a news chopper up above. Before you can say "Oops", Blades name is mud, and hes branded a cold blooded killer by the entire national news media. Blade returns to his hideout, and while he doesn't view it as a big deal, Whistler fears the reprecussions of such a mistake. Meanwhile an FBI agent named Ray Cumberland and his partner want to bring Blade down for homicide. On the vamps side of things, Danica enters Drakes chambers to talk to him, after hes fed on a few humans. Drake thrusts Danica against the wall, showing his anger at being awoken by her and her goons. Danica informs Drake about Blade, and that his people need him now more than ever. But Drake still is unhappy about it all. Whistler unknowingly leads the FBI right to Blades hideout when he purchases a newspaper from an undercover FBI agent. During the raid, Whistler dies, and Blade is taken into custody despite a valiant fight from both. Whistlers death scene is done very nicely, with a nice emotional touch to it which includes Blades reaction once he realizes Whistler is dead. After this we get our first intro to Biels character Abigail Whistler. She poses as a bag lady in a subway station, and is hunted by a group of teenage skater vamps. Biel is awesome in this scene, once she loses the bag lady outfit revealing herself for who she really is, and dusts the vamp brats all while rocking tunes on her I-POD (it's learned later in the film that she likes to fight to the tunes of the latest jams on her I-POD). Blade wakes up in an FBI holding quarters steel cuffed to a chair, surrounded by enemies, which include FBI agents, and familiars, only blade doesn't know who the familiars are yet. Blade is interrogated, and drops a few funny lines here and there during the scene. Hes then drugged by a doctor named Edgar Vance. Blade immediately fingers Vance as a familiar, and to make matters worse, the police chief is one as well. Danica and her crew show up to extract Blade, but as they taunt him, a dusted vamp comes flying through the glass and in comes Hannibal King (Reynolds). He gives Blade his dosage of serum, and Blade is replenished just in time to save King from Jarko Grimwood. This is the films first big fight scene between the nightstalkers-Blade and the vamps. Abigail armed with her crossbow, and Blade and King armed with guns kick vamp and FBI agent ass alike. King and Abigail escape the building before being cut off by a swarm of police cars. Blade comes crashing through the window and lands, uttering *I forgot my sword*. Nightstalker backup shows and all three escape, with Jarko in hot pursuit. But Abigail in a very funny scene halts his pursuit. Once they arrive at Nightstalker headquarters, Abigail tells Blade shes Whistlers daughter born out of wedlock after he mentions that he thought the vamps wiped out Whistlers entire family. Thus that plothole is patched up quite nicely. Blade is then introduced to the Nightstalker team, which include 2 other guys, and a blind girl named Sommersfield (Nastasha Lyonne) and her daughter Zoe. Blade and the Nightstalkers don't hit it off very well. Blade insults them calling them kids, amateurs, even reaming their team name, calling it something out of a bad Saturday morning cartoon show. Sommersfield tells Blade about a new method shes created to kill the vamps. It's a virus, but it's only half complete. She needs Drakes blood to complete the virus since he was the original first ever vampire. Meanwhile, Drake decides to join Danicas team after their failure to capture Blade. Purcell plays Drake very well. He doesn't come off as the carbon copy Dracula we see in many modern vampire flicks. He prides himself more on being a vampire, and the honor that comes with it. This is further reinforced when he visits a vampire store, run by two goths, where they sell everything from count chocula cereal, to dracula pez dispensers, even dracula vibrators. He kills both of them after being highly offended at the joke they have made vampires out to be. Blade and the nightstalkers hit the streets figuring the way to find the vamps is through their familiars. They get the info they need when Vance calls one of the familiars on his cell while Blade is *interrogating* him. Blade and the Nightstalkers *make*...their way through the building and into Vances office. But Vance turns out to be Drake in disguise, who takes King hostage, and injures him before escaping. Blade pursues Drake, before cornering him on a rooftop. Drake and Blade do the usual sworn enemy banter back and forth before Drake tosses an infant child he abducted during the chase into the air. Blade acts quickly to rescue the child, Drake escapes. Blade and Abigail track down chief Vreede whos one of Danicas familiars, in an attempt to get info on where they're hiding. Vreede shows them that the vamps have created a new way of getting blood, by harvesting the cities homeless population, and keeping them in holding containers, sort of like their own personal human blood bank. As this is happening, Drake infiltrates Nightstalker headquarters, slaughtering their entire team, and abducting Zoe and King. Blade and Abigail return and lay eyes on the bloodshed and death Drake has left in his path. As Abigail holds Sommersfields lifeless body in her arms, and cries, Blade utters to her *use it* *use it* if saying use this loss to make yourself stronger inside. A tape which Sommersfield produced before she died, tells that she sent the formula for the vamp killing virus to a contact of hers, and for Abigail to use it. But theres a catch. The formula might kill Blade as well since he is after all half vampire. Abigail and Blade head off to the vampire nation fortress after visiting Sommersfields contact, to rescue Zoe, and King whos being tortured into telling about the new weapon Blade has in his possession. Abigail and Blade arrive to rescue King, and all three fight their way through Danicas henchmen (including Jarko and 3 vampire dogs), dusting them left and right before Blade has to face off against Drake in a swordfight. The battle between Blade and Drake was very well done. Both get the upperhand at different times during the fight. Finally, Blade and Abigail work together and manage to get the virus into Drakes bloodstream killing him, in which Drake leaves Blade with some parting words, *The Thirst always wins*... before he croaks. Danica, as well as all of the other remaining vamps die as well. Blade survives despite the usage of Sommersfields virus. The film ends with Hannibal King giving a voiceover about how Blade will continue to fight the good fight versus the vamps.) (Pros:As in usual "Blade" fashion, this film is very stylish, and cool. Snipes character doesn't get stale despite this being his third outing as the daywalker. Biel and Reynolds add a whole new dimension to the series, and both did extremely well in their roles. Reynolds also has some funny one liners. The action was awesome, and not as over the top as it was in part 2. Also it's a good thing they cut down on the numerous wrestling moves which part 2 had. I also liked the idea of creating a virus that destroys the vamps. This adds a new dimension to the whole vampire killing plot device. Parker Posey and Triple H played their bad girl/guy roles very well respectively. The I-POD thing with Abigail I found to be more unique and cool rather than stupid or unbelievable.The music during the fight scenes was also very nice. Also every scene designed to tug at the heartstrings of the audience such as Whistlers death, and the nightstalkers being slaughtered was very effective.) (Cons:None but 1 which I really don't consider a solid con. I hated to see Whistler die, but I understood why the character had to be killed off from a story standpoint.) (Overall:A solid third installment. This series is showing no signs of slowing down. A fourth movie? A nightstalkers movie? Only time will tell.)