Aunt Rose Review

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[Aunt Rose]
Plot:Three vicious killers invade a suburban house and torture the owners, only to realize that something in the house just isnít right.

Cast: Joshua Nelson, Elizabeth Cooke, Velocity Chyaldd, Kevin T. Collins, Frank Franconeri, Christine D'Amato, Raine Brown, Marty Gargle, Francis Romano, Dawn Dunning.

My Thoughts:Great low budget horror movie....finally a great low budget horror movie!

Review:It feels like such a burden has been lifted off oy my back now that I've said that because the constant flow of low budget horror movies these days are either huge misses or just misses. There very rarely is a decent one and an out and out hit? Forget it! But "Aunt Rose" is a freaking hit...period! James Tucker is a genius as the director of this pic, which works really well because of the way it is shot and the camera angles which add to the tension in each scene. Meanwhile writer Joshua Nelson penned a great story which tells two different tales before having both tales crash into each other culminating in one thrilling horror film. The film begins with three goth types slaughtering a musician because he got their friend pregnant and dumped her soon there after. Unfortunately for them, a previous liquor store robbery they commited caught them on camera, and so after a heads up call from a friend...they go on the run. Nelson in his script makes sure to establish that these three are really twisted and evil to the core people and Joshua Nelson, Velocity Chyaldd, and Kevin T. Collins do an excellent job with their performances to make the viewer believe that they are the twisted evil characters they've been written to be. The leader of the pack is Nelson's character Johnny and ironically enough he's also the most twisted of the group...although it's hard to tell when looking at the behavior of the other two, but in one scene where Johnny puts a pillow over an exotic dancers face and punches her to death he pretty much establishes himself as the most dangerous one in the group. Meanwhile a mom/dad/daughter family are having problems of their own and once again the strength of Nelson's script shines through with this part of the story. As if it weren't bad enough that Peter's daughter won't work or go back to school and his wife Anna isn't being as stern on her about it as he is, he soon comes to find out that his daughters a lesbian...when the Toni person that she's been dating for some time comes over for dinner, in what is one of the films best and funniest scenes. The dialogue in the dinner scene is also very strong and very solid which greatly enhances drama element of the events taking place. Living with the family upstairs is their strange bed ridden aunt Rose, who is the films big mystery. Is she evil...or is she good?? Why is she bed ridden?? Why is her room always dark and why does she always decide to hide herself in this darkness?? Aunt Rose does share a special bond of sorts with her niece Debbie and delivers to her an ominous warning..."to make peace with her father because you never know when you might lose those closest to you". It's soon after all of these events that the three killers crash dinner and take the entire family hostage. Thus begins an ill-fated meeting between two very different groups of people. A middle class american family, and a group of cold hearted killers. This is really what Nelson's script plays on so well, as the movie goes on the differences between these two groups of people are revealed more and more, as the family pleads for their lives while standing and staying strong in the face of danger, and the killers showing no mercy whatsoever kill without very much reason. The deadly trio simply want a place to hole up in for a few days until the heat dies down, but the strong willed family along with Debbie's girlfriend don't make the ordeal an easy one for the thugs. Thus bloodshed ensues as the three killers continually try to control the situation and their environment. It isn't long before Aunt Rose hears of the situation downstairs and decides to unleash her own brand of justice on the murderous trio. She pretty much uses everything in her aresenal from demonic illusions, to head games where she chats with the ringleader Johnny about painful past events in his life that only he knows about. Soon Auntie Rose has the group totally off their game and in some cases even turning against each other. Marty Gargle as Aunt Rose gives quite the spectacular performance as the films heroine with a twist if you will. While she does use dark magic to unleash vengeance upon the evil trio for their misdeeds towards her family, at the same time she doesn't harm any innocent people which puts her in that gray area where she's not quite innocent but at the same time she fights evil. Much like a human old woman version of Pumpkinhead. The film's climax isn't as exciting as one would've hoped but it does show flashes of brilliance from time to time and demon/zombies even make a brief appearance near the end of the picture, just to further rev up the horror element of the movie. "Aunt Rose" is a strong movie all around, from the performances by the entire cast, to the strong, solid, and well written dialogue and story from penner Joshua Nelson. It's one of the few indie horror pics that does alot with very little.

Positives:Great performances, good story, strong dialogue, a few cool death scenes, and some decent fx.

Negatives:Things get a bit sloppy near the end with the films overall climax.

Overall:Great movie every horror fan should see

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