Adam and Evil Review

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[Adam and Evil]
Plot: A group of sexy high school graduates are ready for a weekend of serious partying at a remote camp ground. Soon a murderer is on the loose.

Cast: Sean Arnfinson, Lynsey Brothers, Erica Cerra, Clayton Champagne, Jeffrey Fisher, Jodie Graham, Brody Harms, Barbara Kottmeier, Terran Orletsky, Tiffany Paterson, Richard Patterson, Kevin Robson, Shane Twerdun, Allison Warnyca, Vanessa Van Slee.

My Thoughts: When creativity meets poor execution.

Review:"Adam and Evil" is a movie that has a pretty cool and curiosity inducing title. But once you've seen it, you really cannot believe you were suckered in so easily by those two things. Tis the sometimes curse of being a horror movie fan. "Adam and Evil" is your typical B slasher movie. There really is a severe lack of creativity early on, as we're introduced to a group of typical teenagers with sex, booze, and partying on the brain. But these teens figure why do all of these acts at their nice house, when they can head up to the spooky old woods and do them instead? Ah but little do they know..well we know..but they don't..that a masked killer is waiting in the wings to slice and dice the good looking kids. What's to love and what's to hate about movies like this? Well, the things to love are the mayhem and bloodshed that is bound to ensue, and the creative deaths that sometimes take place. What's to hate are many things..the acting, the horrid dialogue that just gives one a migraine over and over again, and of course the stupidity of the characters who seem to always find a way to die. "Adam and Evil" falls into all of those cliches, but I give it a few points for trying on the other end of the spectrum. For one, the sceneries in the pic are certainly creepy enough once the night time sets in, and the deaths are for the most part are very inventive with a crossbow being the killers main weapon of choice. But that doesn't come until later, for most of the movie we're forced to watch these moronic teens get wasted, have sex, and do other things they have no business doing in a remote camp ground where a killer might be lurking about in the bushes. Also I have to question the films writer/director Andrew Van Slee. It seems he was just trying to set a new low for under-developed slasher movie characters. Normally in a slasher movie the characters are all under-developed except for two who 9 times out of 10 turn out to be the survivors. But in "Adam and Evil"'s case, even the two leads are paper thin all american teens. Which really makes this movie even more painful to watch. The killer in the film isn't really menacing due to their lack of viciousness and the costume? Well where have I seen this before? Yea..just think the killer in "Urban Legends:Final Cut", and replace his fencing mask with a black hood. The killer in this movie just seems to be going through the motions, walking around shooting people with their crossbow. I guess even the killer knows that these kids are so dumb even a lack of viciousness on theirs part won't be enough to save the teens in the long run. And these kids between returning to places they know they shouldn't, and taking their sweet time escaping burning houses really prove to be easy pickins for the killer..who in the end process of revealing themselves...also reveals their motive for the killings, which turns out to be a quite sad and pathetic one. If you love mindless slashers where the plot is so simple Bullwinkle J. Moose could figure it out in record time, and the kids are dumber than the norm, then check out "Adam and Evil". Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Pros:A few creative deaths, and nicely shot night time scenes.

Cons:Bad acting, bad dialogue, a severe lack of story, the killers motive is just beyond lame, and hardly any blood at all.

Overall:Don't bother with this one, there are so many better slashers out there.

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