Abominable Review

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Plot:A paralyzed man whos trapped in a remote cabin, becomes the only hope for survival for a group of college students on vacation who are beseiged by a beast like creature.

Cast: Matt McCoy, Karin Anna Cheung, Jeffrey Combs, Natalie Compagno, Michael Deak, Paul Gleason, Ashley Hartman, Rex Linn, Phil Morris, Tiffany Shepis, Chad Smith, Christien Tinsley, Dee Wallace-Stone.

My Thoughts:Not too shabby.

Review: Usually when the sci-fi channel runs any film bearing the label "SCI-FI Original Picture", I place an ice pack on my head in preparation for the huge migrane that I'm about to be in for within the next 2 hours or so. However in the case of "Abominable", I ended up not needing the ice pack. "Abominable" which the title strongly suggests, revolves around the legendary Abominable snowman. No official proof has been found to support this creatures existence, or to suggest it's violent or not. But of course with this being a horror film, our furry friend is an abominable snowman of the really pissed off and blood-thirsty variety. After devouring a local redneck couple, the film introduces us to the two main characters, Otis and Preston, who decide to get away to a cabin deep in the woods for the weekend. Soon after they arrive, a group of hotties show up to the cabin across from theirs. It isn't long before the abominable snowman shows up again looking to fill his belly with the recent visitors to his woods. "Abominable" plays out like a more comedic version of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window", with the wheelchair bound Preston witnessing the snowman's vicious and savage attacks via his telescope, and warning Otis of whats happening. Only to have the attack end before Otis can see them. This continues on as a subplot in the film to the point where Otis begins to suspect Preston is going crazy or losing his mind. Despite numerous protests by Preston that he's not delusional or paranoid and there really is a huge beast murdering people in the woods. Jeffrey Combs and Lance Henriksen who seem to appear in just about every SCI-FI channel movie these days, make cameos as two hunters who along with a third redneck, are camping out in the woods. Unfortunately neither Combs nor Henriksen last long as they too end up as fresh meat for the huge bloodthirsty Yeti. The snowman himself is a nice piece of work, and a great job was done FX wise, bringing this legendary creature to life and making him look vicious, angry, and realistic enough to be a fearsome on screen villain. In that regard the snowman is able to keep the film interesting whenever he shows up looking for his next meal, which is a good thing considering in most B monster movies nowadays, the viewer spends more time laughing at and pointing out all of the things wrong with the monster in the film, rather than enjoying all of the on-screen mayhem it's creating. "Abominable" also manages to keep itself moving at a quick and action packed pace with some well done chase scenes, and other scenes which carry more than the usual amount of suspense for this particular sub-genre. The body count in the film is also pretty damn high, and director Ryan Schifrin makes sure not to spare us the red stuff. We get oodles of it, along with bodies broken in half, skin ripped clean off, faces crushed in, and much more nastiness than that. The characters even avoid being too annoying, which is another mark in the plus column for this film. The women of the film are good looking and likeable for the most part, Henriksen and Combs in their cameos add some comedy to the film, and the only really annoying character Otis, is offset by Preston who is a pretty likeable guy who shows flashes of great courage as the film winds down with only a few characters left alive trying to fend off the angry yeti. Ryan Schifrin really knows how to make a monster movie, and hopefully he'll do more in the future. "Abominable" for a B creature feature, is a very well done and well acted thrill ride, that incorporates all of the important elements of a good monster movie and does a great job in keeping the viewers interest from start to finish.

Pros:The Abominable Snowman looked great, and did alot of damage in the film, always a plus. Pretty decent acting, mostly likeable characters except for Otis. A moderately strong script, and some pretty well written dialogue, along with some nice hints of comedy sprinkled throughout the movie.

Cons:The ending was too cheesey and Tiffany Shepis dying in the film, not cool at all.

Overall:Great monster movie that will satisfy any horror fans appetite for blood, gore, and carnage at the hands of one pissed off sasquatch.

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