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The Hellview story

It began by 4 friends deciding to travel to Manhattan but a car was their only means of travel. The 4 travellers, named Derron, Chad, Elaine and Jane, came from Arizona and began by tarvelling east along route 67. The road travvelled through a desert and seemed to take forever to get through. It wasnt long untill the night setelled in, the wind howling, the car began to splutter and then died. Derron, got out with Chad to check the engine. A rustle then sounded along the road, Chad swung the torchlight to the roadside but only sand and dust could be found. Derron and Chad jamp into the car to find Jane and Elaine sleeping, the 2 then tried the car again which jamp back to life. They began along the road but Derron and Chad had the rustle sound stuck in their minds. Chad, finding it hard to stay awake finnaly gave in to the night life and fell asleep. Derron, now the only one awake, turned on the radio to keep him awake but only to find the radio only picked up a static sound. Derron took his eyes off the road and struggled with the radio untill he gave up and played a CD. Derron then shock with terror when his car was surrounded by a forest. Derron looked in the wing mirror to see the forest lasted as long as he could see. Derron kept going thiking it was the way to NY. But a sign wizzed pasted saying "Hellview - 1 mile". Derron then realised if he didnt stop soon he would sleep at the wheel so he slowed down to turn off to Hellview but the road only led to Hellview, but the sleepy Derron did not notice this. Derron pulled into Hellview to realise to was a creaky old western town. Derron woke everyone up and pulled into a motel. Elaine asked "Where are we?" Derron just replied "I have no idea." Derron walked into the reception to find no-one around so Derron just got 2 keys from behind the desk himself. Derron returned to Chad, Elaine, Jane with the keys and gave the girls their key. They all said good night and went to the rooms. Elane and Jane both fell onto the bed and fell straight asleep but for Deron and Chad it was a different story. Derron and Chad could only think about the rustle sound up until a large bang was heard from the back wall of the room. Chad jamp up and slowly moved to the wall, he pressed his ear against the wall and could hear a faint slurping noise and then a deafening shriek. Chad ran out to the car while Derron went to retrieve Jane and Elaine. Chad burst down the door to find a shadow like creature sneaking into the room from the bathroom, Chad shouted and the creature disappeared into thin air and Eline and Jane jamp up. Jane shouted "What do you think your doing!" Chad grabbed both of them by the arm and said "were leaving" but Chad did not take his focus off the bathroom door. Chad ran out with the girls and heard a faint shriek like the one before. Chad then heard the car spluttering like before and Derron scream. All 3 of them ran to the car but only found the car door open and a blood trail leading into the forest. Chad checked the inside of the car to find Derrons shirt ripped and covered in blood. The girls started crying while Chad checked the inside of the car and found Derrons shirt ripped to shreds and covered in blood. A scream then stopped the girls crying and made Chad jump out of the car and stared at the forest and shouted "Derron!!!" Derron then shouted back "Run........Run for your lives.......Don’t turn back, just run!!" Chad then tried to start the car but the keys had been snapped in the lock. Jane was then hysterical and Elaine tried to calm her down but it didn’t work. Elaine grabbed Jane by the shoulders and shouted at her "Stop it now, if you don’t stop crying, we cant escape and what happened to Derron will happen to us, stop crying right now!!" Jane slowly stopped and Chad then joined them. Chad couldn’t talk, he started to stutter "Er...we shou..... what if abo.." Elaine stopped Chad and said "We should run like Derron said. Jane and Chad nodded in agreement and they all began running. A faint shrieking could be heard but this didn’t stop them. The ran out onto the main road and ran into the centre of town in search of help. They passed a row of stores and reached a police station. Chad ran up to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. Chad then started to knock the door down, then the girls helped and the door fell inwards with a loud slam!! Chad stood up and pushed the door shut and barricaded the door with a desk. The girls were then sitting on the floor. Chad then turned around and started in horror. Both girls looked at Chad and looked confused, they turned around and Elaine screamed in terror while Jane stared. A figure stood their in the doorway, a human figure. The figure then started to reach out for them but Chad grabbed a chair and ran up the figure and smashed it into the figures head but the figure did not move. The figure grabbed Chad by the neck and lifted him like he was a can, the figure put his hands on each side of his head but then "Bang" a gun shot rang out and the figure dropped to the ground along with Chad, Jane held a shotgun with smoking barrels while Elaine stared in amazement. Chad coughed and Elaine ran to help him. Jane walked up to the figure, still pointing the shotgun at the figure. Chad then slowly moved towards the figure and slowly searched the figure. Chad then found a wallet with the Name "Wade, John" and then Elaine started the search and found a badge, a police badge. The figure was wearing a policeman’s uniform but had a rip down the front of it. The face looked normal with no scars or anything. Chad looked at Jane who still held the gun steady and asked "What the hell was that!!" Jane replied "I don’t know, but it didn’t seem human." Elaine then clicked a pistol found in the holster of John Wades uniform. Chad then looked closer and saw a shotgun wound to the head of John but there was no brain. Chad thought nothing of it and just stood up. Chad then started to search the room ad found ammunition for a shotgun and found a baton which had been used to beat someone to a very bloody pulp. Chad then asked "What do we do now" Jane said "I think we should find a car that works and get the hell out of here" Elaine replied "Haven’t you noticed, there is no cars, there isn’t any form of transport." Chad then said "OK the, so we either run out of hellview or stay the night" The girls both agreed to escaping rather than risk sleeping. Chad slowly moved the desk from the door and opened the door slightly to see what was outside. Chad then opened the door more and slowly walked out with the baton in hand. The girls closely followed and shut the door afterwards. They stayed pressed against the wall and moved slowly down the street. When the reached a junction, Chad exchanged the pistol for the baton with Elaine and pointed the gun each direction as they ran across the street. Chad then followed the girls as they hid behind a wall. Chad checked all the roads and all seemed clear. Chad then sat down and whispered "I think its safe but which way do we go." Jane and Elaine looked at each other and looked at Chad. Chad said "OK, Well head left." Chad looked over the wall and saw a very young Boy standing in the middle of the road. Chad stood up, ran, grabbed the boy and ran back. Chad began questioning the boy "Who are you? Where are you from? What happened? Where is everyone?" The boy just stared at Chad and then ran, Chad began to follow but the girls pulled him back. Chad said "We have to help him" The girls said "No, we are the only ones we need to worry about." Chad agreed and whispered “Let’s go” Chad then ran to street heading into town and the girls followed. Chad began to lead the way until a voice could be overheard “They only way they will escape is if the blood is set free.” Chad froze and asked if the girls had heard the voice. They nodded there heads in a shocked state. Chad turned around and his eyes widened to shock and tapped the girls on the shoulders. The girls turned around and stood in sheer terror. A massive crowd of people stood in the middle of the road facing them. Some faces could be seen and there eyes were blackened and locked onto the trio against the wall. Chad slowly moved towards them and heard a faint whisper among the crowd. Chad stood still and watched as the crowd stood still. Chad then slowly walked over to them holding the pistol at the ground. The girls took cover behind a wall and watched as Chad stood 5 feet from the crowd who focused entirely on him. Chad could be heard asking questions to the crowd but no-one answered. Then one man in the crowd grabbed Chad and pulled him into the crowd and Chad began screaming as the crowd began to shout as the crowd became frantic amongst themselves. The girls began to run but were stopped upon hearing a faint shriek. The girls turned around and saw the crowd had disappeared. The girls ran to where they were and found a blood trail leading up the road into a forest. The girls began to follow the trail silently encase the hellview townspeople heard them. Snapping twigs could be heard distantly, the howl of the wind against their ears, the bitter chill against their skin. Both girls were ready to defend themselves and then…..nothing, the forest parted to show a clearing. The girls walked into the middle and found Chad’s hat. Both girls began shouting “CHAD…WHERE ARE YOU, PLEASE ANSWER US” Both girls began sobbing but were still shouting. Then a scream was heard and the girls followed it. The girls ran between trees and across rivers. Then a faint footstep could be heard, the footstep then turned into multiple footsteps and the girls took refuge in a bush. The girls peeked out to see the mob of people walk past in sheer silence. The mob then disappeared like before but the girls slowly came out of the bush and went deeper into the forest, away from the mob. Eventually, the girls heard a faint gurgling sound. The girls began to jog, and then sprint and found Chad was hanging from a tree with a noose around his neck. Jane broke down in tears while Elaine tried to lift up Chad to let him breathe. But Elaine then realised it was no good. Chad had been hung for the delight of a crowd. Elaine walked over and sat next to Jane, Jane asked “Where not going to leave alive are we?” Elaine, with tears in her eyes said “Of course we are, we just need to stay away from the town.” Suddenly, footsteps could be heard and a voice was shouting “let me go, I haven’t done anything. What’s wrong with you people?” The girls dove behind a tree just as the townspeople walked into the clearing. Then they stopped and someone started sobbing, a man walked up to Chad and cut the noose from his neck, Chad then stood up coughing and spluttering. The man gave Chad a drink and Chad then collapsed. 3 more men walked up to Chad and picked him up, the carried him into the forest. The sobbing then stopped and said “Where are you going with him?” Jane whispered “Its Derron, he’s alive” Elaine looked at Jane and nodded in approval. The townspeople then shoved Derron forward and under the noose. The noose was lowered while Derron was held by 4 men. Elaine then got the shotgun and began to open fire on the crowd, the crowd began to flee while Derron began to fight his way out of the 4 men’s grasp. Derron escaped and ran over to Jane, Elaine was still opening fire and Derron shouted “Lets go!!” Elaine slowly walked backwards and then followed Jane and Derron into the dark forest in the direction Chad was taken. Derron was know pulling Jane to keep up, while Elaine still held the shotgun, Derron then stopped and saw in the distance a faint shine. Derron then raced towards it and found it was barb wire. Jane and Elaine asked “Now what?” Derron looked at them and said “We go around it.” Derron began to follow the fence while Jane and Elaine followed. Derron then stopped and felt something soft impaled on the fence. Derron looked down and found Chad was lying amongst the fence, with the barb wire cutting him open to reveal his internal organs. Jane and Elaine looked away while Derron pulled Chad from the fence. Derron checked his pulse and found he was dead. Derron closed Chad’s eyes and covered him in leaves while Jane and Elaine looked away. Derron then started at the mound of leaves and said “Ok, lets get the hell away from here.” All three of them took off into the forest along the fence to see the forest began to become thin and turn into a desert. Derron then stopped and asked the girls “Were nearly out of here” Derron then raced along the desert and found that a road became a distant object. The road became closer and closer until Derron collapsed next to it. Jane and Elaine collapsed next to him exhausted; a faint rumble could then be heard. Derron looked and saw a truck, rolling towards them, Derron stood in the road and pleaded with the machine to stop, the brakes screeched out and stopped 3 feet from Derron. Derron asked the trucker for a ride and the trucker pulled Derron, Elaine and Jane into the Cab. The trucker asked them what had happened and they began o tell the story. The trucker listened in awe and became worried. He took them to the nearest town and took them to the sheriff’s office, the sheriff then questioned them where Hellview was and where Chad was. Derron explained but the sheriff just shook his head and made a phone call. The 3 were taken to a mental institution for the murder of Derron. The 3 have not been heard from since but rumours have been appearing now and again, normally that Chads room had "There is no escapse from Hellview" written in blood in his cell.