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One of the most haunted areas in America!

This site was created to show off some of the unexplained photos we have taken
over the past few years.
We along with many of our friends have explored and exposed many places in the Ozarks that
had been passed over by other groups. We are always interested in other's experiences and photos.
We are located in Harrison, Arkansas
but we are willing to go about anywhere in
the surrounding states..ie Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee.
Haunted houses are our favorite places, however
we go to cemeteries, old stores, or any type of haunted land.
We search for any type of haunting be
it ghosts or anything paranormal (no aliens or bigfoots please) hahaha
If you know of or suspect a place that has paranormal activity,
drop us a line via email below and
we will be happy to check it out.
We hope you enjoy ours. This site will be constantly expanding with all new information and photos. Enjoy


Above you will find a link to the photos we have taken and collected. We've caught everything from shadowy figures, to orbs, to full on Apparitions. Below is a link that will lead you to the stories behind some of the hauntings we have came across. This section will only contain stories that have some factual base, we hope to steer clear from urban legends. Enjoy!

Haunting Stories

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