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Katlyn's Custom Images
I do A very important service for people wanting a picture for anything...

Katlyn's cards & pictures.

No cost for anything (but if you play neopets, please buy somthing from my shops!)
For a card - Ranging from Birthday cards to Wedding Cards Email me @:
For single pics - Ranging from Neopets to Disney Email @: All of the pictures of my pets on Keriseria's site are pictures that I did, so you have a little taste of what I do.

A Few Rules...
1. I cant work with photographs, Sorry.
2. If wanting a eyrie without a mane, please say so in the letter.
3. If writing to, please put in the Subjet box 'Customs - Cards'. (so I dont confuse it with junk mail!)
4. If writing to, please put in the subjet box 'customs - pics'.
5. If neopets user wanting a pic of your pets, please give the pets name and your user. All of the pics on Keri's page are examples of what I do all day *_~ ...