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The Goblin Queen

Morinel (The deadly nightshade)
The Goblin Queen
Goblin King Fineweapons and Armour
Leathersmith and Weaponsmith
Location: UNKNOWN

"Lay low. Hide and roll. The Goblin Queen will eat your soul. Drink your wine and steal your time. Twist your dreams and rot your mind." - English nursery rhyme C.A. 1550......... Rise and be afraid. Look upon her and know magic. Terrible she must be all too often, and the mortals often cry out to her, or entreat her to work her magic for them or unfold all its mysteries to them at once. The sacred enchantment of the Goblin Queen is hers to nurture and keep. Unfolded and bright in all its myriad glory, who among mortals could behold it and remain sane? She flows wherever life flows, where death lurks; wherever wind blows and fire burns flesh. Where the sun and moon chase each other, for her magic is in all things. Her majesty, Queen Morinel, bestows the gifts of shadows, mists, and dreamless slumber to those few and fortunate who gaze upon her and do not find her displeased. Those unfortunate others who stumble clumsily from the world they know into her presence, oft times find madness and decay from the shock of seeing the beauty and sadness of autumn's twilight queen fleshed before their unbelieving eyes. As water runs deep beneath the mountains in shadowed places human eyes have never seen, so the poisoned sweet magic of Morinel, the deadly nightshade, swim through the veins and scratch behind the eyes of every mortal man. They are found loving, desiring, and fearing to meet the dark faerie queen whose touch and voice they long for, even knowing that dawn would find them a charred husk. "Respect, and fear, and devotion surround her, not for her title, nor her crown, but for the jeweled and perfumed dew which trails before dawn from the lip of her gown."