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<font color="#EE82EE> ~Glitter~Trash~Queens~


HTML: ♥Trashwhore Ltd♥
♥Introduction To Trashwhores LTD♥

Welcome to TrashwhoreZ Inc.
Flaunt your glitter and your flutter your fake eyelashes.

Cinderella, They Aren't Sluts Like You
♥Beautiful Garbage, Beautiful Dresses ♥

A Trashwhore Is An Alternative That Chooses To Be Their Own.

Everyone Chooses To Be Something To Fit In.

Find Yourself a Lost Alternative? With No Where To Go?
Yeah. Well. Your Not The Only One.
Agree With Our Cause? Time To Make A Change.

Be Proud To Be Different.

You Dont Have To Dress In Black To Join Us.

♥Welcome To Trashwhores Inc. Hope You Enjoy Your Stay♥

♥Philosophy Of The Day♥