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Recon Rage

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Greetings! As the primary carrier of Plagued Ops it gives me great pleasure to cough in your face and spread the germ of welcome to you, whether you are experiencing symptoms or not. While we are a fairly new disease, we have been gratified by our rapid growth and expect to reach epidemic proportions in short order. In fact, we will not stop until we are the #1 cause of death for males aged 14 to 39 who engage in risky GhR behavior.

 Let me take a moment to answer some FAQ's:

 How will I know if I've been infected?
There are many warning signs. You may begin to notice small red dots covering your map; do not attempt to eliminate these dots, you will simply aggravate the infection. You may also notice that many members of your peer group are no longer with you. In later stages of the illness you may notice small perforations in your epidermis, in diameters ranging from 7.62mm to 9mm.

What can I do?
The best thing to do is to stand up from any cover you may be hiding behind, fire your weapon once into the air, and wait for a Plagued  Ops rapid response team to arrive, diagnose, and administer treatment.  Don't worry, it'll only sting for a minute!

Is there any hope for a cure?
Thankfully no. The only way to protect yourself and your loved  ones is to become a super-spreader, and join the Plagued Ops rapid  response team. However, be warned: only 1 in 18 survives this horrific  ordeal. And there are numerous side effects, including insomnia, carpal  tunnel syndrome, bleeding from the eyes, bed sores, hemorrhoids, atrophy  of the legs, and bad breath. Post on the "join" forum if  you're still interested, or find one of us on GR to set up a tryout.
 Plague you,
 Po)| Murdurah              
    *Bar and Grill Mappack completed
     -10 Amazing Maps
Mytoan Sniper
Dust Castle
Drug Apartments
Utah Beach
Glass Rooms
The Lost Mountain
The Lost Park
Iwo Jima                 
Download the B&G Mappack Here
    *Po)| Starting a Ghost Recon CB Ladder
- Stunning php interface
       - New reformed rules
       - Undefeatable service
       - Expected in full operation by the end of January
    * News From the Mac Gaming Community
-*Damn Website  Recovers, Clanbattles expected December 1st
- New Game Men of Valor is Coming Soon to Mac--See Aspyr
     *News From Po)| Members and family
      - Noreaga Returns ! all Po)| gives him a warm welcome back.
      - Po)| Welcomes VivaLabin to the clan.
    *Po)| Starts a Server
       - Single 1.8 G5 with T3 Commercial
       - Holds 24 people and is 24-7 Pretty much
       - Only Po)| members can have control
       - Becomes active on November 10th
    *Po)| Designs Command Maps
       - Dbl  1.5
       - MP1
Po)| Server Status

Clans granted server control
1. Po)|
2. [a]
3. cO.
4. :MoD:
5. GhRa>
6. *AGT*