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This is a site dedicated to the hatred I have inside for my current college

Why I hate it.

Go to These Places

There is something abou this college that gets deep under my skin and eats away at the muscle, the sinewy fleshpot of bones and water that make me what I am: nothing. I am not one to criticize the college, but that does not necessarily mean I cannot hate it. I am sorry if you are upset by the fact that I am not using contractions, so suck my cock, bitch. I will update this page frquently, but in the meantime, enjoy the ambient melodrama that unfolds in these pages:

Maddox is fucking hilarious
A friend's website
Emo its essence
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Never breathe again...I hope you rot in hell forever, and then your pubes catch fire in a horrible accident involving you dying

BITCH!get this gear!