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The Night of the Living Dead-

What's So Great About This Movie?

Rating=****/Out of 5 stars. I included this film on this page for many reasons. It's a horror classic, it starred a candle snuffer wielding hero, and above all: it's similar to Evil Dead in many ways. They both have 1 isolated location (Farmhouse/Cabin.) Both have allies/friends getting zombified/possessed, and in the end both have a only one main character left alive, who suffers a horrible/ironic fate. It actually says in the audio commentary of the Evil Dead DVD's by Sam Raimi+Rob Tapert that this was one of the inspirations for Evil Dead. It starst with a brother and sister coming to a graveyard to put flowers on someone's grave (can't remember who.) Suddenly Johnny (brother) starts messing with Barbra (sister). "They're coming to get you, Barbra! They're coming to get you!" Suddenly this weird guy is seen walking around in the cemetary. "Look, there's one of them now! I'm going to get out of here!" His joke becomes a horrible reality when the guy turns out to be a zombie!(? I don't know exactly how to classify these guys.)Barbra gets away, but Johnny...let's just say he got his head slammed into a tombstone. (And I bet you thought I was going to try and be clever.) She eventually made it to an isolated farmhouse, and by now she's turned into a blubbering child. Along comes Ben, my favorite character, and the only one who's worth something. He beats up a few zombies, finds a dead body, talks to Barbra, yells at Barbra, and nails boards across the windows (that has long since became a tradition in these sorts of movies.)Then these people come from the cellar. There are these two likeable teenagers (or young adults), a cranky geezer, his wife, and their young daughter.They watch TV, and listen to the radio. Then Ben has a plan that involves something (I don't want to completely ruin it for you.) And it involves going outside with the young people and getting a truck. The teen lovers go out with a bang (no pun intended.) And their fried organs are devoured by the hungry monsters. Ben actually made it in alive, but not before the geezer refused to open the door for him, (he gave in...if I remember right.) Ben punches him, and so we're down to 5 people. Basically all that happens now is the zombification of the young girl, the reunion of Barbra abd Johnny, the death of the old guy, the death of his wife by his daughter's hand, and Ben's hiding in the cellar. Morning comes, and he's the only one left, to sum it all up. There's more, but you can find that out for yourself. This movie is much better than Dawn, because Dawn was boring, and Night was a bit faster paced. This was an exploration in psychological terror, and the relationships between the characters. The wide array of personalities helped this film, and made it interesting, and I think it was more about working together to overcome obstacles, rather than zombies overtaking the world.

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