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Within The Woods

Why I Liked This Movie-

This movie isn't really a prequel to Evil Dead. They have completely different mythologies.For instance: Within The Woods=Indian Legends, while Evil Dead=Naturon Damanto/Necronomicon Ex Mortis. But anyway, this is a movie about 4 kids who are staying in this cottage, when 2 of them (Bruce and Ellen, who are played by Bruce Campbell and Ellen Sandweiss) decide to have a picnic. Bruce reveals their picnicking location to be indian burial grounds. Lesson #1-Never, and I mean never, have a picnic over a shaman's dead body! That's the mistake they make. Bruce accidently desecrates the medicine man's grave, and unleashes his curse on him and his friends. This causes his death (which is most likely at the "hands" of Tinga, A.K.A. The Force seen in the Evil Dead movies). Ellen finds his body, and runs back to the cabin. Scotty goes out to find him, and when half of an hour (in their terms) passes, Shelley decides to look for herself. Goodbye Shelley! She opens the door, and who shows up? Bruce, of course. He sticks his knife straight through her throat, and this spells the end for another main character. Ellen locks herself into the kitchen. Someone tries to open it up...she slowly opens the door...and stabs them in the stomache! Oops! Sorry Scotty! Ellen now has to fend for herself...And now Bruce decides to come in! This leads to Ellen slamming the door on Scotty a billion times...Not quite as funny as it is in Evil Dead 2, because I actually liked this guy...She almost succeeds, but Bruce sticks his hand through the door! She stabs it a few times, and he retreats. Scotty tells her to get a gun from the cellar. When she comes back, the trouble doubles. Bruce is back! But now, Ellen is mad! She slices Bruce's hand off...sort of...well, like in Evil Dead, the job wasn't quite finished, so Bruce bit it off, to be rid of the dangling article. Lesson #2- If you ever want to cut the hand off of a possessed boyfriend of girlfriend, use a more efficient a chainsaw! Ellen, being the warrior she is, ensues to hack Bruce into a million pieces! Yes, people, this is a grade A Family Movie! She thinks it's over...But she is wrong...Cut to surprise ending (which I won't spoil for you.) This movie isn't bad for an amateur production, but it isn't the best move either. Ellen Sandweiss's acting isn't as good as it is in Evil Dead, and some of the dialogue is ridiculous: "Oh, those are arrowheads! I found 'em right outside the front door." The picture quality also leaves a lot to be desired, but that can't be helped, seeing as I got it off of Kazaa. Just remember this: this movie probably isn't worth 50 bucks, so just be patient and find a place to download it. (Note: The download on my site will take a really long time.) The Opening Music=

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