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Evil Dead 2-Dead By Dawn

Why I Love This Movie-

This happens to be one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. How can you not possibly laugh at the scene where Jake (the hillbilly) gets stabbed accidently by the leading lady, then gets his side slammed in the door a bunch of times? (See Within the Woods about this scene).

This movie borrows a lot from Within The Woods, and I think the reason being is that Scott Spiegal co-wrote this movie, and he (duh) played Scotty in Within The Woods.

It all starts with an abridged recap of Evil Dead 1 (with only 2 characters, Ash+Linda.) They drive to the cabin, Ash starts singing, finds a tape recorder, plays it, girlfriend gets possessed, you get the picture.He goes out to look for her, and is attacked by "Linda." And to quote Bruce Campbell, "Their relationship was cut short!" when he cuts off her head.

He is attacked by "The Force" and is possessed. But the possession ends when the sun rises. He then tries a futile escape plan...Big Mistake! The sun sets right before his eyes, and he narrowly escapes the Force's wrath. He starts to go insane (much like in Evil Dead) but then people show up! Could it be? 2 hillbillies and 2 scholars? What a contrast! They think Ash murdered the Professor who recorded the Necronomicon translation (and his wife) and they throw him in the earthen cellar. (Note-The girl scholar, Annie, is the daughter of the Professor.) They continue the tape of the translation, in which The Prof. openly says he killed Henrietta (his possessed wife) and buried her in the earthen floor of the cellar. She decides to show up right at that time. They let him out when they find out it's all real.

This leads to a monologue by Bruce. "It lives...out in those woods." And a few confusing scenes, followed by Henrietta...who appears to be normal! What a relief! Hey, let go of me! "No," says Ash. Well, anyway, this lady in the cellar is singing this song, and at this time, Ed (the guy Scholar) decides it would be a good time to be host to a Candarian demon. He takes a chunk out of the other girl's (Bobby Joe) hair. Ash comes back and chops him up with an ax.

Soon after that, daddy (of Annie) shows up as a tortured spirit to warn her that a dark entity roams the forest, (surprise, surprise!) and that her salvation lies there, in the pages of the book. This seems to be a good time for Bobby Joe to disappear, and die. "Where is she?" Jake gets a hold of the shotgun, and forces everybody to look outside for Bobby Joe.

From here it's the same thing as Within The Woods, except Bruce is Ash, Ellen is Annie, and Scotty is Jake. After he gets in the cabin and attacks Annie, he sees Linda's amulet and reverts to his normal form. "Damn it, I Said I'm Alright!!!" Oh yeah, and before that, Jake dies when he gets ground up by Henrietta (he got a little too close to the cellar.) Now, they have to find the pages (which were thrown in the cellar by Jake.)

Ash gets a badass makeover (complete with chainsaw for right hand, and a sawed off shotgun. "Who Wants Some?") He explores the cellar, finds Jake's skeleton, the pages, gives the pages to Annie, and gets attacked by the heinous horror hag (Henrietta). This leads to an awesome, exciting showdown, in which Ash first appears to have the upper hand, until Henrietta goes to her soul swallowing form (Pee Wee Head.) With the help of Annie, Ash defeats Henrietta, but we find out Annie only recited the first of the passages, the one that gives the Force a physical embodiment. Oh, No! Enter Rotten Apple Head, the Force's terrifying physical form. It is so scary that it turns Bruce's hair white!

He is nearly destroyed by the force, but Annie (who was stabbed by a back stabber) manages to recite the last passage, the one that opened the rift between space and time. The Force is sucked up, is Ash! He is transported to 1300 A.D., and the last we see of him for now is him shooting a winged deadites, and his continued descension into madness. Stay tuned for Army of Darkness! Oh, and some interesting trivia: Evil Dead 2 was originally supposed to be Army of Darkness!

This film is a horror/comedy/adventure, that could only scare someone who's up to 6 years old, if even. It's mostly played for laughs, and does a good job too. This is probably the funniest Bruce Campbell film (beside Bubba Ho-Tep)and the characters are great too.

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