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Evil Dead-The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror

Why I Love This Movie-

Before I say anything else, I have to tell you this: I love everything about this movie! From the Greek quoting, to the extravagant ending, everything rocks!

It all starts with these 5 college kids driving this Oldsmobile to this cabin in Tennessee, and then after this drive and the arrival, we settle down a bit. Ellen Sandweiss (who played Ellen in WTW) plays Cheryl, who I think is Ash's sister (or at least I read that somewhere...) who we at first see drawing a grandfather clock...suddenly, her hand is overtaken by an evil force, which forces her to draw...The Book Of The Dead!

While they eat dinner (Nis Nis Tutarim!) something opens the cellar entrance...Scotty checks it out. When he doesn't return, Detective Ashley Williams (played by Bruce Campbell, as if you didn't know) is called in to investigate. Eventually, everything is momentarily alright, except for the fact that Ash and Scotty (Hal Delrich, not his real name) found the Book of the Dead, and a tape recorder with a translation.

They stupidly play the translation, and they ressurrect the Evil Force that lives in the woods. Cheryl hears something in the woods, and goes out to investigate in nothing but a nightie. To make a long story short, she gets raped by the woods, and just barely manages to get back to the cabin alive. She tells Ash to bring her back to town. "Sure, Sure." But, to their utter shock and surprise, the bridge that brought them there has been destroyed! What now?! They go back, and soon after, Cheryl becomes host to a Candarian demon. She stabs Linda in the Achille's Tendon, and is locked in the cellar by Scotty. After some drama, Shelley (Theresa Tilley/Sarah York) is possessed, and chopped up by Scotty.

Scotty decides to leave the Cabin, and comes back all mutilated and messed up by the woods. Between these two events, Linda (Ash's girlfriend, who is played by Betsy Baker) is sadly possessed, and now it's up to Ash to fend for himself. He eventually kills Linda, but when he comes back into the cabin, he finds out Cheryl has escaped the cellar. For a small while, we see Ash's slow descension into madness. Then, Scotty comes to give Ash a hand...or should I say...strangle him with it? He gouges Scotty's eyes out, but then Cheryl gains entry, and he must deal with 2 of them! Things aren't looking to good, until Ash throws the Book of the Dead into the fireplace.

His friends disintegrate, and when the sun comes up, he exits the cabin...But it doesn't quite end there...Find out for yourself.

This is the only film in the whole series that could possibly scare you. Evil Dead 2 was a comedy, and Army of Darkness was comedy/adventure, but this is a true horror film, with a few unintentional laughs. It doesn't have the best acting, and some of the stuff in it is ridiculous (Ash being trapped by a 2 pound board for instance.) But there are also some great horrific parts, like when Cheryl is possessed, and when Ash is the only one left, and has to defend against an enemy who could be just about anywhere. If you are looking for some good gory fun, this is the film for you.

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