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Evil Dead 3-Army of Darkness

Why This Movie Rocks-

This movie is the distorted sequel to Evil Dead 2. It has a beginning that pretends the ending of Evil Dead 2 was never shot. In Evil Dead 2, he was at first attacked by the knights, but was then welcomed as a hero when he killed a deadites. In this movie, they throw him into the pits. He defeats the Pit Bitch, and soon, he scares everybody. "Who wants some?"

He asks the wise men to return him to his own time (we need the Necronomicon!) and he suddenly finds himself fighting the "She Bitch". He decides to get the Necronomicon (which, by the way, has a completely different design in this movie)on one condition. He wants a new hand.

He rides out in search of it, and along the way is chased by the Evil Force. He seeks shelter in an old windmill, and at night, he runs into a mirror (this will make sense if you watch the deleted scene on one of the DVDs that shows the sequence in its entirety) and from out of the shattered pieces come a bunch of tiny evil Ashes. He kills a bunch of them, but they knock him out, and when he wakes up (think Gulliver's Travels) they make him swallow one of the tiny Ashes.

Soon, a big Evil Ash starts growing on the normal Ash. He confronts, and mutilates this Ash, and buries him near the windmill. Then he goes to the graveyard to get the Book. But there's this problem... there are 3 Books! Which one will he take? The first 2 are the wrong ones, and this leads to a couple amusing scenes. (I forgot to mention, the wisemen said that when Ash takes the Necronomicon, he must recite the magic words: Klaatu Verata Nikto, as heard in The Day The Earth Stood Still.) When he takes the real book, he forgets the words, and because of this, "hundreds of people will die." That's another Campbell Quote, from the audio commentary track. He returns to the Castle, with the book, and admits (sort of) that he said the words wrong. The army of darkness awakes, and now they must prepare for battle.

A cool scene comes after this, in which Ash trains the troops, creates the Death Coaster, and helps the wisemen make gun powder. Then the battle begins.

They win the first round, but then the second division of the army shows up, and the bodies start piling up. Henry the Red (the enemy of Lord Arthur, lord of the castle) shows up to aid in the battle, and then Ash fights Ash for possession of the Necronomicon. Good Ash wins ("Buckle up, bonehead, cause you're going for a ride."), And Henry and Arthur combine their kingdoms into one big kingdom. Ash then drinks a potion that sends him back to his own time. We find him telling his story to a co-worker at the S-Mart. Before the movie ends, we get one more deadite battle.

Original Ending- Ash wakes up in a post apocalyptic world, and goes insane. Think Rip Van Winkle.

This in my opinion is the best Evil Dead film when it comes to laughs and memorable dialogue. I like this movie so much, and have seen it so many times, I basically have it memorized.

But awesome one liners isn't all this has. It has also has some great slapstick moments, like that part in the graveyard where all of the skeleton hands are beating up Ash.

Even the action is awesome, from the pit to the final battle, it's all good! The only thing wrong with this movie is some of the FX, but that isn't much of a problem, because it is still the most entertaining Evil Dead film.

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