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Sousuke Sagara
(also Sosuke)

Age: 16-17 (exact unknown)
Birth Date: unknown
Height: 174cm Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A
Association: Mithril
Code Name: URZ-7
Specialties: Arm-Slave Piloting, Survillence
Good At: Sneaking Around, Blowing Stuff Up

Sousuke is an unusual guy. Take a hard-core trained soldier type, and remove any non-military knowledge and suppress any 'inappropriate' personality aspects. You'd be left with him. Really, he's very reserved, very serious, a real rule follower. Blame his background, he's been a soldier close enough to all of his life, and his knowledge and experiences are mostly limited to military experiences. If he's concerned about the things he doesn't have in his life, he doesn't show it. Same thing with anything he wants- he's very strict about sticking to essentials and he clearly doesn't care for the frivolous or silly.
Although he's had to fight from a very young age, he's not a killer- there's a lot of compassion underneath his trademark scowls. He's a skilled and knowledgeable AS pilot, and he's also good and moving quickly and quietly. He's of japanese ethnicity, but that's all that's japanese about him.