A list of my favorite zombie movie

In no real order:

'Night of the Living Dead' - A George A. Romero classic.

'Dawn of the Dead (Divimax Edition)' - Another one of Romeros classics involving a group of people seeking shelter in a shopping mall while trying to stay alive from the undead and other uninvited guests.

'Day of the Dead (Divimax Special Edition)' - My favorite Romero film. Takes place in an underground research fascility experimenting with zombies. Gore? Bodily dismemberment and people getting ripped apart.

'Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)' - The new remake. Its nothing like the original. There is some lines the movie cuts over. The zombies remind me of the virus victims from '28 Days Later'.

'Zombie' - A classic Lucio Fulci film, one of the greatest horror film makers of all time, with the infamous (slow) splinter through the eye.

'City Of The Living Dead' - Another Lucio film that is KILLER.

'The Beyond' - Considered as Lucio best horror movie. A MUST.

'Return of the Living Dead' - Not part of the Romero/Savini oeuvre, but a spoof of them, this still manages to deliver a lot of solid scares, likeable characters, and humor. It introduces a different style of zombies, who aren't automatically taken down by a shot to the head. Features 1980s Scream Queen Linea Quigley.

'Return of the Living Dead part 2' - Two of the cast members who were blatantly dead in the first film come back as different characters and wind up suffering the same fate. There's a likeable smart kid, an evil undead bully and a cameo by a zombie Michael Jackson. (Thriller was released the same year.) Lots more comical zombies; plus people running around and screaming. Exactly what the sequel ought to be.

'The House By The Cemetery' - A family buys a house that contains a psychotic doctor that feasts on the flesh of his victims.

'Hell of the Living Dead' - Another stereo typical plot. A good eye ball popping seen at the end

'Zombie Holocaust (AKA Dr. Butcher M.D.)' - If you like old 70/80's zombie films with of course the cheesy acting and, "those old good Italian gory horrors" this is for you.

'Zombie Doom' - Some people say this is the gorriest movie, and others say this is the worst movie ever. I disagree with both, to me it is gory enough to be in my collection.

'Evil Dead (Special Edition)' - Created by the none other Sam Raimi, with Bruce campbell as "ash." Ash and his college friends travel to a remote cabin in the woods only to find out the history there, they stumbble upon a book called Necronomicon Ex Mortis...The book of the Dead that has the power to posses the living. A good scene that involves a pencil and a womans heel.

'Evil Dead II (Special Edition)' - The sequel to Evil dead. To me this is a remake of the first Evil dead, only with more gore and detail about the book and the cabins original inhabitants.

'Army of Darkness' - Army of darkness is the last of the trilogy where Ash is sucked into a time warp and goes back to the medeival ages and is forced to battle an army of the dead led by the infamous "Evil Ash."

'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie' - Inspired by Romero's Night of The Living Dead.

'Dead Alive' - Directed by the one and only Peter Jackson. Dead Alive (aka Braindead) is right up there with the gorriest films ever made, in fact this probably is the gorriest movie ever unleashed upon us. Disgustingly disturbing scenes involving decapatation, dismemberment, and an unatural use of a lawn mower.

'The Dead Next Door (Collector's Edition)' - This flick is about a crazy scientist that finds a way to replace corpse cells and brings the dead back to life. The military steps in and forms a group called THE ZOMBIE SQUAD.

'Redneck Zombies' - This gore film is about a bunch of rednecks that accidentally drink toxic chemicals and become flesh eating zombies. Good gore horrible acting and some scenes are carried on wayyyy too long.

'Nightmare City' -after watching this I later read in a review that this movie is based on a true story only changed to make it sound like the people who were infected by a nuclear power plant became blood thirsty mutants and in fact not zombies. To me that sounds like a zombie movie.

'Re-Animator (The Millennium Edition)' - A classic for all gorror, yes I said gorror, fans. A student is kicked out of school for practicing unethical medical experiments, but that doesnt stop him. He creates a serium that brings the dead twitching back to life. An appetizing amount of gore. Graphic decapitation by shovel, shoving a bone saw through a zombies chest, and eyeballs exploding.

'The Bride of Re-Animator' - More gore and graphics then the first one.

'Resident Evil' - A basic for the collection. theres actually not alot common ground between this (the movie) and the game, then again it has been a while since ive played R.E, but in the movie the zombies dont look all alike. It has some very creeping moments and graphic I might add, like a dude getting chopped up by lasers.

'The Plague of the Zombies' - A classic film from 1966.

'Revenge of the Living Zombies (aka Flesheater)' - The gore makes up for everything else. Oh, thats it.

'Bio Zombie' - A Japanese zombie movie that was more funny then scary for me.

'28 Days Later' - This movie was advertised as a zombie movie. And its here only becasue in a way it is. A virus is released infecting people with Rage. The virus victims act in a way as zombies, they want to destroy the living.