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Unfortunately, it's the beginning of football season here in Oklahoma. So now all of the local news channels are fingering themselves in the ass over the OU Sooners and their coach, Bob Stoops. I overheard some people at the shitty restaraunt where I work talking about how much money OU pays Stoops. After doing a little research (Yes I know, I have a pathetic life) I found out that Stoops has been given three raises in three years that bumped his salary to $2 million annually. And for what? Being a coach? What about the faculty at OU that actually teaches something that people can use in real life?

Does this asshole look like he's worth $2,000,000?

Look at the stupid confused face he's making. I think in this picture, Bobby boy here is actually sitting on Kelvin Sampson's lap talking about whatever pops up.

And how much in comparison do the people who are working hard training real students make in comparison to Bob Stoops and the other OU coaches? Here's what I found out:

Images of OU Faculty
Faculty Member In Question
Average Yearly Salary (As of 2003)
Bob Stoops*
Football Coach
Kelvin Sampson*
Men's Basketball Coach
Sherri Coale*
Women's Basketball Coach
Associate Professor**
Assistant Professor**

*Various newspapers and local newschannels websites
**OU Factbook 2003

Hardly seems fair does it? How can David Boren (OU President) justify paying the women's basketball coach almost five times more than their professors? And for what? So all of these jocks can just end up as bitter waiters and waitresses at shitty restaraunts like where I work at? I make three times more money than these sports stars who have already graduated and I'm just a dumb, no high school graduating grill cook. It seems like a waste of scholarships to me when there are people out there who would actually use these opportunities to go to a good college to actually forward their lives and make something of themselves.

So all of the higher ups at the University of Oklahoma, here's what I think of your school and athletics department