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Wild, Wild Dru :D

Hello! ok... how on Earth you got here??? ok.. nevermind.. you'r here.. so.. it's now only mather of time, when you'll go crazy.. but.. let it be. This supposed to be my homepage.. i've never been strong in computer... i hate messing with computer.. why can't i just sit in msn and chat in some kind of chatroom? good question... CUZ I'M TOTALLY BORED :P anyway.. if you are lucky, you'll be alive after visiting this page.. but if not.. don't blame me.. you'r the one who came here ;) so.. take care, have fun and... stay alive ;) with love, Dru

Here, you can find:

Minu lemmikohad internetis

All about metal! :)
The Order of Middle-Earth
Roleplay.. in estonian thought....