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Sierras homepage 2

y0ur here because of

Me fav. websites

My first website- its better than this one
i love homestar
free music
those poor animals..... not for the weak hearted

WOW! thanks for visiting my website. YOU ROCK! alright i totally made this quiz for girls that go to my school. check it. Your life by Sierra -school -girl

Your life by Sierra -school -girl

  1. My music is:

    Snoop Dogg

    Shania Twain


    Green Day

    Ashlee Simpson

  2. In school rank im the:

    most popular

    semi popular

    popular to some

    unpopular - i took this quiz right?


  3. For polotics.....


    go bush!

    go kerry!

    i ate the declaration!

    go nadar!

  4. Friendwise.....

    I stick with my group all the time!

    im a little wanderer.....

    i dont have friends

  5. Saddest death ever faced

    Christopher Reeves

    Jimmi Hendricks

    Your mom

    My scanner printer

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