Most people, no matter how evil they may seem, have some good in them. Rarly however, we come across some special people who dont even have a drop of godness in their heart. These people are devils of our society. One such person is man by the name of Zeeshan. We were fortunate enough to have met this devil through a friend who was unfortunate enough to be in his class and fall for his traps but we learned a lot from him. Since people like zeeshan are so rare we understand that not everyone would be lucky enough to find him and learn the valuable lessons we have learned. Therefore, to spread the knowledge about this evil devil, this website is made.

For those of you who might be wondering who zeeshan is, heres a little intro:

Zeeshan who likes to be called zee is the whore from lahore (as his ex Aisha likes to say). He came to America because he was kicked out of every school he went to in Pakistan. Once here, he looked like a total FOB. A retard who would hit on any guy or girl he saw. Zee had ppl to fuck 24/7. But one problem...what about when he's at work? who would he fuck then? Dont worry, our Zee has it all figured out. At work, he fucked his co workers...one of them that he especially enjoys is Rita. This lady knows that Zee has girlfriends, yet she still reugularly fucked him to get promotions at work.


1. Why is Zee such a motherchod?

It is a genetic disease. Simply put it, like father, like son. It's in Zee's DNA to fuck and abuse girls and little children. (he justifies Micheal Jackson's actions toward little children)

2. Who is Zee's role model?

Zack, his boss. He wants to look, talk and even walk like him. When he goes online, he tells people his name is ZACK.

3. Is Zee a hypocrite?

Zee has all the negative aspects of a human. So yes hypocracy is a big part of his life. He does not like to eat meat that is not halal, yet he fucks anytime he gets a chance. Infact, he is now thinking of getting a dog, so he can fuck the dog whenever he is horney at night and Aisha or Rita are not available.

4. Is Zee cheap?

Cheap as helll! All the things you see him wearing were bought by others. He never even knew what Tims were...

5. Do you have a funny story about zee?

Ofcourse we do!! One day we decided that we wanted to play a lil trick on our friend zee. So we went online and went to www.desichat.com. This is one of the website zee uses to capture innocent girls so can use and abuse them later. WE went in to the website as "desimonkey". We saw a person a person with the screen name "Aggrevated" logged on. Since zee is usually aggrevated, we decided to im this person to see if this actually was zee. WE asked him his name and he said his name was "Zack". Since we know Zack is zee's role model, we were sure this is really zee. We logged out and came back as "kiran"...as expected, zee started drooling oveer kiran. He gave us his msn id and started waiting online 24/7 for Kiran. Why wouldnt he? Kiran, our cuz is a beautiful girl. We decided to give the job of seducing zee to Kiran. Zee saw her picture and wanted to meet up with her as soon as possible. The sooner he meets her, the sooner he can squeeze her boobs, he thaught. Kiran asked for his picture and the fool sent us a picture of him. yup the same picture you see on top of this page. lolzz...Anywayzzz. Kiran set up a time to meet zee. Zee showed up at the set time and place, all dressed up looking around for Kiran. As planned, Kiran never bothered comming to see Zee, however, we really got the time of our life when instead of Kiran, we opened Zee's door and sat in his car.

Logging on the internet to fool Zee: $25

Buying metrocard to go to Jakson Heights, to see his face: $4

The expression on Zee's face when he saw us instead of Kiran: Priceless

Zee is probably the only person who does not need to be cursed at because of all the things he does. This is because his name "Zee" has become a curse it self.