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Afterburner Exhaust Flames with Alcohol Fuel
I know the secret!

The Briefing: The real things:

     Hi for all! My name is Frederico, live in South of Brazil. I was trying to make a afterburner for the exhaust tailpipe. It's not so easy like someone say in the internet, like to put a plug into the back and rich the fuel mixture to shooting out flames.It's not true. I know cos i tried. The exhaust gases don't have more than 2% of O2, for burn some fuel injected to the tailpipe you should have a lot of fresh air into pipe, like 70% to 80%. If you only make a hole to the pipe it will leak the hot flow. If attach a Y pipe the open port will leak like a big hole. I'm not a genius like Thomas Edson that invented the electric lamp from nothing. I just use some real things adapted to my intention. The basic of this project was the same kinetic forces used on the "Ron Reil burner". This kinetic forces could be used for free from the flow mass of the exhaust to force air into the tailpipe. Injecting some fuel and igniting on the exit of pipe with a lighter I could shoot very big flames. Ok, it was possible, DIY, little easy to do and i MAKED. I have a 98' chevy S-10 truck with a V6 4.3 Central Sequential Port Injection W code engine with factory 180hp, stock Y pipe, no cat, muffler and 2" tailpipe. I removed the tail pipe and put another than I can do the modification on the old tailpipe without problems with the new. I used a GM Celta (produced here) window washer reservoir with 12v pump and 2L capacity to inject alcohol into the scheme. I opted to use the alcohol fuel cos here in Brazil it was common and cheap and also was a oxygenated fuel and generate more O2 when burned. I attached a small hairdryer fan blower on the open port of the Y connection to produce the air flow improvement to make a idle to the afterburner, cos the flow of exhaust gases wasn't sufficient to induce the air to stay the afterburner lighted with the truck engine on idle(600rpm). The 12v fan will not difficult the induction when the engine was at high speed. With 2 second injection of alcohol i can stay with the engine idle and burner idle for 1 minute or so. But if i put the throtle to the floor i should stay the washer turned on the total of the time. Shooting out a red flame that only can be saw at night, at the engine rotation fuel cut the afterburner make a 3 meter long and 2 meter tall hell flame. I tested my project plugging a rubber tube on the exit of my tailpipe conducting the flow to the afterburner tailpipe for knowing purposes, but i can take off my in use tailpipe and put my old and now afterburner tailpipe at any time cos it was only plugged (not solded). It's a really plug-n-play custom car exhaust afterburner.

This pics was taken with a pour digital camera in my closed garage, the afterburner was not attached to the truck exhaust with the rubber flexible pipe cos I shouldn't shoot big flames there. In this burner idle we can see a blue/yellow flames and at the tip close we can see the blue flame remains into the tip after a minute or so without fuel injection.