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The World's Oldest Living Man
(documented by Guinness Book of Records)

In l979, a British journalist from Guinness Book of Records went on assignment to the islands of Okinawa and Tokumoshima off the coast of Japan to interview Shigechiyo Isumi, the world's oldest documented living person. What he found was a man 115 years old with remarkably good health and vitality who had worked until the age of 105. Investigating further, the journalist discovered Mr. Isumi was not the exception. Most of the island's inhabitants were physically fit, had low incidence of serious illness and enjoyed long life spans.

Interested in studying this further, the journalist persuaded Mr. Isumi to submit to a medical check-up. The results were even more amazing. How could a person of his age possibly be so healthy? Soon, a team of researchers arrived and made an important discovery. They found that all the islanders had one thing in common. The water they drank was different from water found anywhere else in the world!

They learned these particular islands were built up from the coral reefs like so many other islands. But there was a difference. These coral reefs weren't found anywhere else in the world. The reefs were Sango Coral, the only coral out of 2,500 species with life-giving benefits. A study of Sango coral shows it is composed of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, essential trace minerals and many other microscopic elements essential to human life

 The chemical analysis of the Sango Coral is nearly identical to that of human bone. Sango Coral is the substance used in bone grafts when additional material is needed because the body will not reject it!
Most drinking water has a pH around a 7. Coral calcium has the ability to raise the pH to around 10.6. The calcium and minerals in Coral Calcium become ionic in the water and are promptly bioavailable (highly absorbable) to the cells. Alka-Line Coral Calcium is already in ionic, biological form derived from pure Sango coral. Therefore, it is a 100% ionic bioavailable calcium and does not have to undergo the digestive, ionizing process to which the other calcium and some coral calcium supplements must be subjected.

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Facts About Water

For Bi-linqual Information

Note: Supplemental calcium intake may interfere with the effects of calcium-channel blockers,  digitalis derivatives and specific antibiotics such as tetracycline.

Be sure to check with your prescribing health professional if you are currently taking any of these products before starting on any calcium supplementation.