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OK, im just strange if youve got this far, im sorry. Shaitan's life storie: Eric turned Shaitan and then killed Evangeline in front of him. Thatís why he believes it was his fault she died. He believes he betrayed her by not being able to protect her. Eric is an all-powerful vampire and taught Shaitan all he could before shaitan was to strong to control and took off after trying to kill Eric. Eric has been creating a band of vampires to try and get Shaitan back under his control, or killed. Shaitan has become stronger as well and tends to stay to himself. He acts like heís normal most of the time and sometimes when heís talking to someone heíll zone out thinking about Evangeline. Eric is a Vamp that turned Shaitan into one and Evangeline is the person he loved when he was human. That about covers it.