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Dear Andrea,

It has been two months now, and I am recovering well. I am now in the Royal Talbot Drug Rehabilation, and everyone is extremely supportive here.

I have to say 'thank you' for waking me up and making me realise my folly. After reading your last letter, I realised that I DID have a problem, and I needed to put a stop to it fast. Although I treated you less than kindly the past few months, hurling abuse at you in my letters, you did not give up on me, and continued to support and encourage me. You are a true friend, and I thank you for standing by me all these months.

Although the withdrawal process has been a long and painful one, I am comforted by the fact that one day, I will be clean of this drug. Sooner or later, I will be free from the evil clutches of cocaine. I am also thankful for everyone that has stood by me through my recovery process.

Andrea, I'm sorry I accused you of stealing my wallet last year. Although I knew that it was not your fault, I still blamed you. Sometimes, my pride dictates what I do, and I do not realise my mistake till the end.

I owe you an explanation. I first started using cocaine when I had to organise the school carnival. I was feeling extremely stressed and pressurised, so I turned to drugs. I should not have.

I realised my mistake now. Thank you for helping me live again.