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The Cocaine Chronicles is the product of a Health Education assignment.

It aims to provide another perspective into a problem which is gripping the world today - cocaine. Through a series of correspondence between a cocaine addict and her close friend, the issues of cocaine addiction, short-term and long-term behaviour changes, and health are discussed. Another objective is to educate and infom the public about the detriments of cocaine.

There are a total of 5 letters, and the transcripts can be accessed via the links on the left hand side.
There is also additional information on cocaine, such as the history of cocaine use and the seriousness of the cocaine problem which is plaguing the world.

The bibliography, which is included as a prerequisite of the assignement, is also accessible. It contains links to websites and books where information was taken, forming the base of the letters. Information regarding quitlines and the social support provided can be found under the "Information" link.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.