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Club Dread - Interview With Brittany Daniel
Club Dread - Interview With Brittany Daniel

Brittany Daniel (Jenny)

Q: So which sandwich did you get? Roast beef, turkey, or Veggie?

Brittany Daniel: Turkey! For sure. Iíve been a vegetarian for so long, I forgot how much I missed meat. You know you donít realize how important meat is to you until you donít have it for long time.

Q: Did you see Super troopers? And how were you approached to do Club Dread?

BD: I met with the guys because I had heard about Super Troopers but never saw it. So I auditioned for the part and they were real happy with my audition, and after I read the script I just had to have the part. A few weeks after I got the part and we were filming Club, I finally got a copy and saw Super Troopers in between scenes, and oh my god, it was so funny. Itís just amazing at how different all the guys [The Broken Lizard Troop] looked in Super Troopers, compared to how they look in Club Dread.

Q: What did you think about the character you played in Club Dread? Were you aware at exactly how big your role was?

BD: No, I didnít know how big my role was, so it was really cool. I love comedy, and I was so happy to be playing this very level headed girl, that had, like the answers to all the different problems in the film, the cool part was that I had to play everything so serious, I think comedy is so hard to do, so it was very cool to do dead pan humor.

Q: This movie sort of uses the old formula of a ďScream QueenĒ. Were you aware of the 80ís scream queen and did you use that as a reference for your Club Dread role? BD: I had never seen the scream queens of the 80ís, but I was aware of what they wanted going into the film, so instead of seeing any of the 80ís films, I pretty much stayed away from looking at any of them and added my own flavor to the character.

Q: Whatís your favorite horror movie? BD: My favorite horror movie? Wow, thatís a hard one. The one that truly terrified me to this day is "Motherís Day." It was so scary with the mom and raising her kids to be all evil, it was just a horrible film about murder and rape.

Q: Are you usually very health conscious or physically active because in the film your very ripped! Did you have to get into shape because your character is an aerobic instructor? Or were you already in fighting shape?

BD: Yeah. I love working out, especially running. So when I found out we were going to be shooting in Mexico, I thought ďitís going to be cool cause it will be warm weather, beaches, sun, you know, perfect work out weatherĒ. Then I got on location and realized there was no gym, nothing. So the only thing I could do was run on the beach the whole time.

Q: I bet you had to stay away from Kraft services?

BD: Yeah, everyone was making fun of me cause I was asking for all these special things to snack on, and when I got to Mexico I wanted so desperately to have a Mai Tai or Pina Colada because everyone else was having them, and all I could order was Vodka shots because itís the cleanest alcohol I could have instead of the sugary drinks.

Q: So what do you have coming up next for you?

BD: I will be in a film called Hillside Strangler, where I play a criminal Psychologist thatís involved in the case, and she is still very 60ís minded, and kind of like a hippie. The movie is really good, and is a psychological thriller, but with a 60ís feel to it. Itís kind of like Silence of the lambs meets Boogey Nights.

Q: Anything else? BD: Yes, I am also in the new Wayan Brothers film, White Chicks. The Wayans play limo drivers to these two high society sisters, kind of like the Hilton sisters, but theyíre not (winks), and they are driving these girls to a party for the weekend. Well, along the way they lose these girls, and have to make sure they make the party or else they will get in a lot of trouble. So they [Wayans brother] get all made up to look like white girls! Full white make-up, and dressed to the hilt in drag. They show up to this party where there are these other sisters (the Vander belts) that are constantly competing with the sisters the Wayans are pretending to be. Obviously, every challenge the competing sisters throw at them, the Wayans successful do, and of course there is more to the story. I play one of the sisters the Wayans lose, so obviously Iím one of the white chicks! (Laughs)

Q: Well, good luck with Club Dread, and your other films, and enjoy your sandwich.

BD: Thanks. I will.

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