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Here is some information about the German Bar Tanne:

The inside of Tanne. I usually sit at the bar, about halfway along.
This is a description from the website Bento.com
. They have lots of information about beer and restaurants in Japan.

(It was thanks to them that I discovered this bar and many others)

"German and Belgian Beers at Tanne in Yoyogi:
This cheerful, well-managed place is a great find, and is only about a minute from Yoyogi Station on the JR and Oedo Subway lines.
They have Lowenbrau, Holsten, Hoegaarden White and Bass Pale Ale on tap, and you can get a tasting set with a small tumbler of each for 1,000 yen. (Actually, its a vewry small glass, but if you've never tired these beers, its worth it)
But it gets better, with nearly 30 other beers, mostly good Belgian and German beers,
all priced lower (by a few hundred yen, it seems) than other popular Belgian beer places.
Plus, there's plenty of mid-range wine at very good prices.
The food menu is predominantly German, with pasta, pizza and even fish and chips as well.
The German Potatoes were exceptional, and only 500yen.
And, they are open for lunch on weekdays."

1-32-15 Yoyogi
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

On my last excursion, I took a few photos
(as well as drunk a few beers!)

Here's my progress:

Schneider - lovely stuff
I started with a classic German weissen: Schneider hefeweissbier.
This is great stuff. One of the better German wheat beers. As you can see, all the beers are served with the correct glass. (you will have the opportunity of seeing more glasses, furhter along in the review)
I enjoyed this beer very much. Just the smell alone is a veritable orgy for the senses. The taste is sublime and just right. Not too strong, but not weak, like some Belgian whitbeers.
Great color and great flavor make this one of my favorite wheat beers.

This was some wierd tating stuff, but okay. Went down slowly.
Next, I decided on a Weihenstephaner korbinian.
Weihenstephaner touts itslef as being the oldest brewery (surviving) in the world! - that's saying something.
This is quite different from a normal weissen beer. I think this is a lot darker and stronger. It goes down slower and has a stronger aftertaste. I think this was a special beer, maybe a seasonal beer, just for the summer.
To be honest, I can't remember. An okay beer, but not my favorite. Not openly recommended.
p.s. do you notice the glass?

Aventinus...good stuff.
My next beer was an adventinus. This is also brewed by Schneider. This is a darker beer. Stronger in flavor and alcohol content.
THe first time I drank this (in Bernd's bar, Roppongi), i loved it. The second time, I didn't feel so good afterward (maybe the 6 mixed beers and double rum and tequila had something to dowith it, too)...
...the third time I treid it, I loved it again. so, on average, this is a very drinkable beer bbut not so easy as to drink it all down in one.
No, this is a beer to enjoy and savour. Slighlty fruity and with a slight whiskyish tint to it.
Not bad, not bad at all.

Well, it was about time for another Schneider. another hefeweissen. Lovely beer, lovely glass, lovely pub.
Need I say more?

So, that was my little session. Bear in mind the average price of bottled beer here is about 1000yen (some a little more, some a little less).
Halfway through this, I munched my way through one of their delicious pretzels. They sell for about 250yen, I think.
Very nice they are, too.
If you go here, I thouroughly recommend having a pfreshly cooked pretzel with your beer. Mmm....

a short story. THis last time I was there, I noticed three nice young ladies opposite me, at a table away from the bar. I saw they were enjoying some weissbier. I also couldn't help noticing that they didn't have any pretzels.... (and more thana little drunk) I asked the waiter/barman over. He is a great guy and speaks okay English! This is a good thing because my Japanese is not very good.
Hi! I work at Tanne!
Come along and say hello!!!!
I asked this guy if I could odrer a pretzel for the ladies and that it has to be a scret and that he shoudln't tell them who it came from. He seemed to understand and off he went. Then, two very nice young nurses came and sat down next to me. Before I knew it, I was deep in conversation with them (I think the alcohol helped/hindered my progress). We talked about beer and their work at the hospitla. One nurse was the superior of the other and thye were out having a drink, as friends. Well, they were both equally nice, if you ask me!
Guys, hwat are the chances? You're sitting at a bar, happily in a state of light inebriation, then along come two young, beautiful NURSES...
...and it turns out it's not a dream!
Well, I kind of forgot about the other three ladies (although not completely).
Then, the barman came back, with three piping hot pretzels on a tray!
Not only that, he showed me the tray, pointed to the ladies and asked me if it was okay. Wel, what was I to say? Under the gaze of everyone, I tried to subtley gesture "okay" to the barman and at the same time pretend not to know hwat he was on about.
Well, I was busted. The ladies behind me knew it was from me. sorry, they knew they (the 3 pretzels) were from me. I tohught it was a nice gesture to get them one, to share. But three was a little insane and very wierd. Still they had three pretzels. I left the bar to check my mail (one bad point was that I can't get reception on my J-phone form inside the bar, even though it's ground floor.). When I wlked bakc in, the ladies (especiall ythe ncer one) were ready to give me a smile and a "thank you".
I nodded and acted all shy (which, of course, I am) and sat back down, entering back into conversation with the nurses. Well, to cut a long storey short. THe nurse had my e-mail (Hey, I was drunk, I was being friendly and I was drunk. Did I mention that I was completely drunk?). However I havent kept in contact with them. I got the barman's e-mail, too
I haven't mailed him yet, either. Well,the ladies who were behind me left the bar before me but not before glancing over at me one more time. The nicer lady gave me 'the look ', but I din't bite. I was a good boy and stayed a the bar and had another drink.
Why was I a good boy? All the bad boys have all the fun?
ButI took concellation in having another superb weissbier - a schneider.

Apologies for the condition of this review and the alignment of the photos. I'm rushing things, as I'm leavimng for Bali in two days. Have so much stuff to do at work before then.

Well, I'm off out again tonight, I think.
I may just head back to this place, for another pint...

Some of the beers I had the pleasure of drinking there:

The pretzel was delicious! 
- the beer, too!

I tried their pretzel. Its big, piping hot and absolutley gorgeous! You can also see the HofBrau Munchener Kindl Weisse in the background. I love this beer. Some people dont rate it (I've even heard it compared to eating cardboard), but I must say, I like the taste. It's light, very fruity (with 'Banana undertones'
{Man, if you investigate weissen(wheat) beer, you'll read that phrase so often!})

I was very happy after drinking theshe..hic!...

Here you can see the first beers I ordered in this place. They were a Hofbrau Munchen Kindl Weisse and Hofbrau Original. Both are quality beers, though I must say not the best you can get from Munich.

Personally, I loved the Augustiner Helles that I had in an amazing bar, in Munich, Germany.
I've looked but so far, I've had no luck in finding a supply in Japan
- although I've had lots of fun trying and tasting other beers in the process!!!!

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