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Haunted Illinois

haunted chicago famous hauntings




At Warsaw Peyton's Place,  a man supposedly went crazy on his family and killed them all with a pitch fork. If you walk back into the woods into their private cemetery, a young man's voice will call at you to run and leave. Also, a black '62 mustang will chase you when you leave and then vanishes from your rearview mirror.

Near Hartsburg in a small wooded area is where cultists used to practice in the
Old Red Barn. The barn has been burned down, but lights and apparitions can be seen, as well as strange noises can be heard.


At Lawfard Theater cold spots have been felt behind the curtains before opening night performances. It is said that this is the presence of past actors coming back to watch a play one more time.

 15 years ago a young man was playing basketball, at the
Old Park district Gym, when he was locked in while using the bathroom. He was locked in for over 24 hours and could not reach anyone to let him out and he died. It has been said that at 12 o'clock at night at the gym the ghost of the man that died comes back to haunt the old gym. People have seen him at night; he will get a ball and shoot around at the basketball hoops. When the lights go on he will disappear. You can even hear him screaming for HELP sometimes.


Reports of an apparition at the Family Inn Restaurant have been seen of the Lady that used to own the house.  Lights turn on and off and strange noises have been heard.

People have claimed to hear strange noises, at the
House of Plenty Restaurant, and they've seen a weird light coming from the basement.

Highland Park

Many years ago, at the
Highland Park High School, a small boy was crossing the street directly across the street and was hit by a truck. He died instantly. Just a few years ago, there was a janitor walking around the school on Halloween night and noticed a small boy standing across the street. The janitor went outside and saw a giant freight truck coming toward the boy. The little boy walked into the street and the janitor ran after him telling him to stop. Just as the janitor jumped at the little boy to get him out of the way, he disappeared.


Our Lady of Angels School in Chicago caught on fire 12/1/1958 and claimed 83 children and 3 Nuns in one day. By the way they did rebuild a new school over the burned out school,  but no activity has been reported there. However the cemetery they are buried in, Queen of Heaven Cemetery, has had some interesting reports. About 6 years ago a man started having visions at Queen of Heaven every day except Tuesdays. He said the Blessed Mother was talking to him. (His quote) "Also a tree there started to take shape of either Jesus or Mary's face". It grew a huge crowd. The man died a year or so ago and so did the tree. People claim to see bright lights during the day at Queen of Heaven and have visions.

Hoffman Estates

Located off of Golf Road is Algrims Funeral Home.  Many are said to have seen mysterious lights seen in the area at night. Close neighbors of the area claim to this day that they see a black horse enter the parking lot and disappear at random.

Abandoned House on Shoe Factory Rd. isn't much of a haunting, but if you go West on Shoe Factory Road past Rohrsson Ave., there will be an abandoned barn on your right side. Directly after the barn, on your left side there will be a "No Passing Zone" sign, even closer, after the sign; there is a white, stone house. I have heard from a resident nearby, that it was an old schoolhouse. I went in with some friends and there are many odd things written on the walls, such as: "Die", "XIV", and a picture of a large eye that is bleeding, with a diamond at the end of the trail of blood.


Frank Shaver Allen house haunting was well-documented in the local press in the late 1970's after a team of psychics and a Joliet newspaper woman investigated it. The family then living there cooperated in the investigation after having experienced very dramatic paranormal events for over a decade. The house was built for wealthy Frank Shaver Allen in the latter half of the 19th century. He is believed to be one of the lingering spirits there. Also, reported is an elderly woman, believed to be someone who died from a terminal illness in the house; a former nanny and her charge, a young boy; and other spirits not identified. Many, many sightings of spirits and other strange events have occurred at the residence and have been witnessed by occupants, visitors, the psychics and reporters and others such as gas meter readers, etc. A boy who lived there experienced repeated visits from the ghostly nanny and boy who repeatedly invited him to join the ghost boy forever as his playmate. Unexplained, illusory fires have been seen there. A renovation of the house inspired a wave of supernatural occurrences. The usual door slamming, odors, shadow-figures, unexplained voices and screams abound.

Johnston City

There's a legend that says if you go up to
Hook's Tomb, in Arrowhead Cemetery
,and run around it clockwise 3 times then knock on the door 3 times you will smell roses.


It has been said that there is a
train track in the city of Kankakee where a bus full of children were hit by a train. Now, when you pass over the train tracks at night, you can hear children laughing. A few have even been brave enough to stop their cars on the tracks and turn the car off,  then they hear the sounds of a train coming, and their car will slowly move from the tracks as though someone were pushing it to safety. Some who have tried this have sworn that there were small handprints on their cars afterward.


An Indian cursed
Kaskaskia in 1735 right before he was murdered, FOR LOVE! It is said that his ghost will forever haunt Kaskaskia for the wrong that was done to him. His spirit has been seen by numerous people.


An old lady died, at the
Amityville House, of a very painful disease shortly before a man hung himself at the same residence. Even though the house has been burned down, at certain nights you can hear the blood curdling screams of the old lady, and see the rope from which the man hung himself. The deaths are true and even documented.

La Grange Park

Park Jr. High School used to be a nunnery in the 1950's. It was rumored that a nun killed herself in one of the upper floors in the building. Now she haunts the room (room number cannot be found). Students find erasers missing, they feel chills around the room, and heard voices in the absence of the teacher.

La Salle

The Kalkaska Hotel has had many hauntings .  A girl supposedly committed suicide off of the top floor (six stories) back in the twenties or so. However, it is said that she was pushed by her boyfriend during a fight. You can hear the clicks of her heels throughout the day and night. Also, coins are thrown in the lobby from time to time. The worker's elevator opens by itself and takes the employees to floors that they didn't push the buttons to. (Especially the basement-which is very creepy).  The hotel is now not in operation.

In the early 1920's there was a prohibition and this is where
Al Capone stopped in, at the LaSalle Inn, routinely on his way to Iowa and further west. It has been reported that his and other ghosts haunt this hotel in the basement. Late at night you can hear them playing cards and getting drunk.


Old Salem cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the area. It has many stories of hauntings and strange happenings. There is said to be a grave of a young girl who died in a fire, and that it is impossible to light a match anywhere near her grave. Also there have been a lot of locals mention of car problems when leaving the cemetery.

Lake Forest

In the far back corner of the
St. Mary's Cemetery, by the creek and next to a fence, is a grave with the name Dameon on it. Sometimes at night, if you go by it you can see a boy sitting on it staring at you. As you get closer, he disappears.

Barat College  is going to be 100 years old and there have so many ghost sightings there that you could write a whole book about it. Apparitions that have been seen include 3 children (2 girls and 1 boy), Nuns (not sure how many, but the school used to be Catholic and the Nuns used to live on campus) ,a groundskeeper and various others. A large majority of students have seen or heard unexplainable phenomena

The infamous
Schweppe Mansion was unoccupied for 50 years after the owner committed suicide, while mourning the death of his wife, Laura Schweppe. The ghost of the family's servant haunts the mansion's hallways and corridors, while the ghosts of the owners haunt the bedrooms. One of the windows of the master bedroom that never needed to be cleaned, while all the others collect dust over the years.


McKendree College - On the main campus, one of the original buildings, of Mckendree College, is the chapel. It is said at the turn of the century that a distraught student entered the bell tower and hung himself. At times his ghost can be heard walking the upper floors late at night.

Carnegie, in M
cKendree College have three ghosts that are  believed to inhabit this building. People have been grabbed. It will sometimes turn on the television on the first floor and even change channels. One other one is mean and fills the place with foreboding and the other is just scared.

There is something in the
McKendree College chapel. A night security guard at the college in the early and mid 1980's, relayed plenty of stories of how he would hear organ or piano music being played in the sanctuary, which is on the second floor. By the time he would get there to check it out, the music had faded away. He would also hear sounds as if someone were running down the center of the sanctuary floor. This was odd since there is no middle aisle.


Old Quarry Jr. High School is  believed to be curse by souls that where buried there.

St. James Sag Cemetery ,also known as "
Monk's Castle," is an old cemetery where monks, a phantom carriage, and Lady in White have been seen.


Click here for the story of The Gate, located in Libertyville



The oldest dorm on the
Lincoln College campus there is a ghost that likes to pull pranks. It shuts doors and turns on TV's on when no one is in the room. It unplugged one girls computer speakers and plugged them back in the wrong hole. This ghost has not tried to hurt anyone it just likes to play pranks.

University Hall at Lincoln College is the oldest building on campus and several people have had weird experiences there. There are reports of foot steps, and things being knocked over or they just disappear. A face will sometimes appear in the bell tower. At night if you look in the windows you can see white shadows in the second through forth floor windows. Some people are very sensitive to things and said that they felt something watching them.


Benet Academy used to be St. Joseph's Orphanage. The two halls, Benet and Joseph, made up this orphanage. Many teachers believe that this place is haunted. There are many claims to orphan sightings. Also, on 4th floor of Joseph hall there have been sightings of a nun who watches over the grounds. By the way, this floor is used as a closet to put all the old theater props and has many statues in it. Some have claimed that the statues move. The tunnels are said to be under Benet hall and that they lead to St. Procopius Abbey across the intersection. 

There have been sightings of a little boy, at
Benedictine University, running around campus in a blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts no matter what the weather, then just disappears. I n one of the dorm buildings there is a heavy presence. They actually closed that dorm down . Then there is Benidictine Hall. Some of the janitors will not even go up to the 4th floor to clean it. A priest is supposed to haunt that floor. There are also underground tunnels under the campus that are also haunted. I have felt and seen these presences personally. All accept the underground tunnels.
There is a little room up there with a chair, a small window and there is supposedly white writings all over the walls. Also in Ben Hall there have been reportings of people talking late at night in the Art wing, but when explored, no one is there. Another thing to note is the banging on the walls and the sitting of a monk that will appear out of nowhere and then turn and walk into the wall and is gone.

And now the
Benedictine University Cemetery; a few years ago kids would party out in the cemetery. One night they decided to take a Ouija board to contact any spirits, just for the fun of it. One of the boys involved with the board began convulsing and screaming different languages. Public safety was called to the scene, but were unable to control the boy. Shortly following, the monks from the Abbey across the street showed up and declared the boy possessed. The boy was taken to the fifth floor in Benedictine Hall (which is no longer accessible to students) and an exorcism was performed.

The basement of
Jaeger Hall of Benedictine University is also said to be haunted with children as well as some of the second floor rooms. There have been instances when people's stereos will turn on in the middle of the night.

Benedictine University, Neuzil Hall - Another story is of all three dorms and sightings of children there. In Neuzil Hall, someone took a picture of the empty hallway. When the pictures were developed a little boy and a little girl were standing at the end of the hall staring at the camera.

Benedictine University - Ondrak Hall, there have been reportings of televisions turning up and down in volume as well as very eerie chills passing through rooms. There is a specific room that is closed off now, no one lives in there anymore because of all the eerie things that have occurred.


When driving down
Bruce Road, on certain nights, some have seen a man's torso float towards you on the right hand side of the road, before you reach the sign at the intersection. The image is said only to last a few seconds, and then fade away.

A ghost of a little girl can be seen in the
Canal St. Junkyard.

In the auditorium of the
Lockport High School Central Campus, cold spots can be felt on the stage. During certain performances people have reported sitting down in the auditorium next to a silent figure and the figure vanishes by the end of the performance.

Runyon Park , used to be called Leigon park, and it was a swimming hole. There is also a cemetery of the first settler farmstead Runyons' family. You can hear people talking in the forest in the broad daylight, and it is not voices you would hear in every day tone. If you climb a hill, you will see where the old flag pole was, plus the old well. Some of the trails are treacherous so wear hiking shoes.  It has since been renovated, and the old buildings torn down. it is very creepy at night, to the point that you can still hear the "witch" calling for her followers. Sometimes you hear a language you cannot even describe. If you must go, go in a group.

Loves Park is a  rest stop at 173 & Mitchell Rd where visitors have heard little kids laughing while no one was around. Reports of cars not starting, and shaking while still hearing the children.


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