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About Me

work experience

extra activities




Extra Curricular activities:


·        The band at St. Thomas Aquinas High school (one year)


o       The band is a lot of fun because we get to march at every half time show and we get to show off our skills.


·        West Regional Library LAB volunteer work (6 years)


o       The library is fun because of the different people of your age that you get to meet and work with. Programs like movie night and international festival are a lot of fun because you are also working with the same people your age.


·        I play the piano since I was five and I still play today


o       The piano is not easy but it is a lot of fun. To become good at the piano I had to practice every day, which I do. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play on level 6.

·        I play the saxophone


o       My saxophone is harder than the piano but gives me a different variation of an instrument. It takes lots of wind from me but I like it.


·        I went to Jack and Jill and that dealt with kids who went to this day care and was taken care of because their parents were at work.


o       I went to Jack and Jill last year and it is a lot of fun and I have also taken care of kids there as well.