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Cash's Ride

My car is always a work in progress. Last year at TDR I went 15.10 with bald tires and badly needing a tuneup. This year I hope to get into the 12's with all the upgrades i'm doing. New heads, LT4 hotcam is going in with 1.6 rockers. Gonna top the engine off with a new holley stealth ram. Taking out the old exhaust and putting in a 3-3.5 inch catback. Just put on 4 brand new nitto extreme performance tires.

Some of the main stats

Some great websites to check out

Thompson Drag Raceway - Where I race
Rubber City Racing
TGO, great site for all thirdgen info
Youngstown Streets
Summit Racing - a little piece of heaven only 25 minutes from my house
Pic 2 of my car
Pic 3
pic of a custom air damn I made to fix the overheating problem on my old 87 TA
pic of the new hsr