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Chris Cross Racing

Chris Cross Racing

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'What every Mom Dreads'

Started In 1995 racing lawn tractors at Slippery Rock Speedway, now has grown into the sport of Karting. We race at Goodhope Speedway by Youngstown, and at Dubois' Race 1.

This year we have gone with a new team name and have added a new racer.

Austin,the youngest of the team, is racing a white chassie with a white G- Man body. He is the #17 this year in the Rookie purple restricter plate class.

Matt, myself, am racing a shadow racing chassie with a White, G-Man Body. Graphics are done by Joe Lockhart at Ultra GraphX.The Kart is White body with orange and yellow #20 Mopar Kart. I am racing in the Box Stock Light class.

Dad this year is racing a new Rage Chassie from Seely Small Engines. It also has a white G-Man body with red and black stripes sporting the #2old in the Super Heavy Stock class.

The new member this year is Jeff Wilson. He is driving a Shadow Chassie with a G-man Body. With the graghics being purple and black. The #97 will be seen in the Heavy Class

Last Updated May 24, 2005.

A new year has started and we have been doing ok. Austin has only raced once and did not do so well cause of carb problems. I finished 6th but have gotton the kart running great now. Dad also has raced once with the exception of Barry Wilson filling in. I think we have gotton dads kart figured out now due to it is a new chassie for him. Thank you to Jeff and Joe Lockhart for making our karts look great. Also to Brian Seely for some great running motors. If you would like to help with the team just email mavajo3@yahoo.comand will work out a time to see the karts and work out details. Check out the pics and maybe we can see your name on the side of one of these karts.

A Special thanks to

Joe Lockhart @ Ultra GraghX for his Sponsorship and making the karts look great.


We are also racing r/c cars and trucks at Erie and Guys Mill. From my stylish florscent orange body Assocated T3 truck to the Dodge UAW #19 Spec Car. Probably the best time this year, being my rookie season, was winning the New Years race in Erie. Placing 1st out of 7 spec cars was a real accomplishment for me. Also that day I finished 2nd out of three in the Intermediate class. Racing these in the winter was alot of fun. Although I did not get to finish the season due to mainly getting the karts ready, and my wife having our second child, it was a good season over all.Check out the pics.

frist pic I finished first in the spec class: second pic I finished second in the Intermediate Class.

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