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BS Kennels

We are a new kennel in north texas. We are located in Bridgeport, Tx.(that is near dallas for those of you who don't know where the stix are!) Just because I said *new kennel* doesn't mean that we're new to american pitbull terriers, my dad has raised them before I was born and we've never owned a different breed. Our motto is go big or go home. That doesn't neccicarily mean size, we breed show and pull dogs. We have Avant, Bennidict, Chinaman, Jeep, Carver, Sorrel, Gator, Gaff, and greyline blues. We specialize in show and pull dogs for ADBA and UKC. All of our dogs are treated like World Class dogs. They are spoild rotten if you want the truth! We do not sell, buy, or trade our dogs for illegal puposes. We are very strict on that. So those of you who just want a "pitbull" for those reasons...better not let us know because we will take extreme actions towards you! Thank you for visiting our site. Give us a call or leave us an email! We will work with any individual who wants a show quality dog who wants them for the right reasons.

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